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Less than a month for Castellón Triathlon.

Mediterranean Triathlon will kick off this year's challenge 3x3x3

Next July 7, the Mediterranean Triathlon starts, in Castellón Triathlon with the technical organization of Evasion Running Castellón together with the collaboration of the Valencian Community Triathlon Federation and the Castellón City Council.

Mediterranean Triathlon will kick off this year's challenge 3x3x3, 3 cities, (Castellón, Valencia and Alicante), 3 distances (Olympic 1500m swimming / 40km cycling / 10km race, Sprint 750m swimming / 20km cycling / 5 race and Supersprint 350m swimming / 10km cycling / 2,5 race), 3 arrangements (swimming, cycling and running). Mediterranean Triathlon invites people to join the challenge of Complete a race in each of your venues. For this, a joint registration has been launched in which there are different possibilities adapted to all types of participants.

The inscriptions are: 3x3xSupersprint, 3x3xSprint, 3x3xOlímpico in which the triathletes will have the possibility of performing the same distance in the 3 venues of the Mediterranean Triathlon. A fourth joint registration will be 3x3x3 (1 Supersprint in Castellón, 1 Sprint in Valencia and 1 Olímpico in Alicante). With this diverse offer, the aim is to give anyone who wants to, the opportunity to compete, by enjoying triathlon in the three major capitals of the Valencian Community. All participants in the 3x3x3 challenge will score for the final ranking with a trophy and a special prize.

New modality in pairs

This year there will be the possibility of participating in pairs, which may be male, female or mixed, which will have to carry out the three segments, swimming, cycling and running, together from the start to the finish line.

€ 1.900 in prizes

The clubs with the largest number of participants in the Mediterranean Triathlon circuit will opt for a cash prize. The first club will get € 1000, the second € 600 and the third € 300.

Aquatlon Escoalr Minitriathlon

In Castellón Triathlon, on Saturday July 6 in the morning, Mediterranean Triathlon celebrate his II School Aquathlon Minitriathlon, which is scored for the local ranking of the XXXVI Sports Games of the Valencian Community. Girls and boys between the ages of 7 and 17 can participate in their corresponding distances.

Both Saturday and Sunday will be available Minitriathlon, area where Boys and girls of all ages can get to know and enjoy our sport. All kinds of activities related to triathlon will be carried out, while their parents collect the bibs or compete. This area is carried out thanks to our main collaborator, the Fundación Trinidad Alfonso.

Saturday 6 July from 16:20 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. Delivery of numbers and on Sunday, July 7, from 6:45 a.m. to 9:8 a.m., bib numbers will continue to be delivered at the Javier Marquina Soccer Field. At 9am the Olympic distance will begin, starting with a men's start followed by a women's start. The Sprint distance will start at 45:10 a.m. and finally at 15:XNUMX the Supersprint distance will start, both with the same dynamics of exits as in the Olympic distance.

On June 25 closing of registrations of the Castellón Triathlon

Registration is now open for all tests of the circuitand Castellón Triathlon will close the registration process on June 25. If you have not yet registered do not think about it anymore and start planning for the Mediterranean Triathlon 2019.

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