• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Less than a month for the first stop of the TriTour circuit: El Deltebre

The registration period for the test with a discounted price is still open.

The next 13-14 in April will be played the first stop of the most important triathlon circuit in Catalonia, the TriTour. It will be in the deltebre (Tarragona), where four different tests will be held at distances Sprint, Olympic, Shorts y Half.

With swimming with the current of the river Ebro, a fast bicycle and a section of running on flat foot, all types of athletes and levels can participate in the 4 distances proposed during the weekend.

The second stop will be on the same stage, the Delta del Ebro, the 1 and 2 in June TriTour Amposta with the same format and distances as TriTour Deltebre.

TriTour 2019 Calendar

  • Deltebre 13-14 April
  • Amposta 1-2 June
  • Pont de Suert 7 July
  • Tossa de Mar 14 September

The triton circuit Tritour travels the Catalan geography through its 4 triathlons where they have had more over 3.000 participants in recent years

Website: http://tritour.cat/

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