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Miguel Induraín returns to the competition in the Titan Desert

He will do it within the structure of the KH-7 team, led by Melcior Mauri, with whom he already shared a squad just a quarter of a century ago.

Issue number 15 of the Garmin Titan Desert, to be held between April 19 and 24, it will have a very special protagonist. Miguel Indurain, the best Spanish cyclist in history and one of the best in the world, will be at the start with the KH-7 team.

"Voy to try to finish it, to pass the 6 days. It will be like one more race but with the intention of finishing”Said Miguelón on a recent visit to the KH-7 facilities in Canovelles (Barcelona).

The five-time Tour de France champion will exchange the Tourmalet or Alpe d'Huez for the Merzouga dunes. He has little experience in mountain biking, but he does not see it as a big obstacle. “The Titan is more than rolling.

The one that comes from the highway has it a little easier. Although there are always technical points, dunes and navigation, and for that I hope they teach me how to do it ”. One of its main mentors will be Melcior Mauri, who will serve as director and partner in KH-7.

Melcior Mauri has convinced him

It so happens that the two will return to share equipment, a quarter of a century after doing so at Banesto. “I had been with the idea for several years, Melcior always told me. I replied that it was not the time, but this year has convinced me. It will be a new experience ”.

Its dorsal will be the 15, in honor of the 15 editions of the Titan

In addition to honoring the 15 editions of the Titan, this bib has another special meaning: the Navarrese has been first in five Tours in France and is the only cyclist in all of history who has won five Tours consecutively (1 + 5).

By the way, a curious note. He won his first Tour with '35', his first Giro with '25' and will face his first North African adventure with '15'.

Miguel Indurain Larraya (Villava, Navarra. 16-7-1964), on the podium of the best Spanish athletes of all time, will leave the Irati forest environment - his usual training area - in April 2020 to enter the Sahara desert.

Pedaling with heat has always been good for him, so he already has something going for him. "I have never been in the desert. This year I wanted to change the chip and do new things ”.

"Olano and other cyclists had told me very well about the Titan"

Other great cyclists of his time already dared with the Titan, such as Abraham Olano, Laurent Jalabert and Claudio Chiapucci, the latter, one of his great rivals in the mountain stages on the Tour.

“Olano and others have told me about the race. They had a great time. It is hard and you have to arrive in good condition because difficult moments are passed. It is a challenge, like when I did a great test ”.

The Navarrese, who has not stopped riding his bike since he left professional road cycling in 1996, has a stratospheric record.

Apart from the aforementioned five French rounds, the Giro d'Italia was awarded twice. He has also been an Olympic and world time trial champion. And he even pulverized the hour record, among many other achievements.

Melcior got excited with the yes, by Miguel Indurain

Melcior Mauri, for his part, admits that when Miguel confirmed that he was coming to the Titan, he was "excited", having spent several years trying to convince him.

The KH-7 team will have a luxurious training. Josep Betalú, winner of the last four editions, and Anna Ramírez, winner on three occasions, will be the two spearheads.

Will also repeat Sylvain Chavanel (Record holder of disputed Tours, with 18 participations), in addition to cyclists and fans whose objective will be to finish the race. "Vmasters with a very important and good corridor structure. We will be one of the most numerous teams, even passing the 50 ridersMauri points out.

Juan Porcar, CEO of Titan World Series, admits that “he couldn't imagine that after so many years he would be motivated to come to this race. Just the fact that it comes is a sign of the consolidation of the Garmin Titan Desert. ”

Finally, Josep Maria Lloreda, President of KH Lloreda, concludes that “for the company, cycling is one of the sports that allow us to get closer to the consumer, and having a multi-champion like Miguel Indurain on the team is undoubtedly a success. We cannot ask for more ”.


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