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Mikel Elgezabal and Virginia Berasategi repeat as winners in Bilbao Triathlon

The test was, in general, the opposite of last year when the sun shone, the waters of the Bilbao estuary were at 19 degrees and 40.000 people created an extraordinary atmosphere.


On this occasion it was held with the sky completely overcast, with the thermometer oscillating between 12 and 13 degrees, a cycling circuit in constant risk of falling due to the twisted and wet ground and a few thousand people with umbrellas in hand.


With the significant loss at the last minute of the Portuguese Sergio Marques and the presence of the former professional handball player Imanol Agirre, 1.900 meters were swum with waters at 13-14 degrees.

The Scot from Inverness Fraser Cartmell (23:53) - in June he will turn 30 years old and this same year ninth in the very well-paid Ironman in Abu Dhabi - was the first to leave the water with half a minute ahead of Adrián Ruano and the favorites Mikel Elgezabal and Marcel Zamora classified eighth and ninth with the same time of 26:01.

The 90 kilometers on the bicycle were devastating and a demanding sacrifice for each meter in the steps through El Vivero. Cartmell gave up the lead of the race to the Basque Elgezabal. The Catalans Albert Moreno and Richard Calle were also very active in the following positions and even Aitor Regillaga.

Elgezabal forced the pace to take a very clear lead over Fernando Gómez, a dangerous 'shadow' if he reached the last segment - a half marathon on foot - with less than three minutes difference.

The cycling test decided the victory in this triathlon. Elgezabal had a 4-minute advantage over Madrid-based Alcarreño, Fernando Gómez, and double that over Cartmell. Gómez finished as partial leader of the 21 kilometer run with 1.16:19.

Elgezabal repeated last year's success after being eighth in the foot race and arriving broken and walking to the finish line to the well-deserved applause of the public to total 4 hours 11 minutes 53 seconds.

Gomez and Cartmell accompanied him on the podium with superior creonos in 1:16 and 1:43.

Zamora passed fourth under the completely melted finish arch and the Italian Swiss triathlete Jean-Marc Cattori ninth without giving any signs of quality.

Virginia Berasategi won her victory in difficult physical conditions due to problems in her right knee that, apparently, were even on the verge of preventing her alignment in the test. She spent 4 hours 37 minutes 13 seconds, being second Maider Gaztañaga who, despite taking 8:44 longer, had a meritorious role.

Berasategi from Bilbao commanded the competition with authority and achieved the recognition of the fans but did not feel the pressure from her rivals because Martina Dogana (ITA), Alison Rowatt (GBR) and Vanessa Pereira (POR) exhibited a poor competitive level or were ' They shrank with the rain.



1. Mikel Elgezabal 4.11: 53

2. Fernando Gómez 4.13: 09

3. Fraser Cartmell (GBR) 4.13: 36

4. Marcel Zamora 4.17: 52

5. Richard Calle 4.20: 18

6. Borja Jubera 4.22: 45


1. Virginia Berasategi 4.37: 13

Source: deia.com

2. Maider Gaztañaga 4.45: 57

3. Martina Dogana (ITA) 4.51: 15

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