Miriam Casillas Spanish Sprint Triathlon Champion

Miriam Casillas She has been proclaimed Spanish Champion of Sprint Triathlon elite and sub23 in the test held this Saturday at the Casa de Campo in Madrid. The Extremaduran has won the title after having a very regular competition, in which she has remained in the fight for gold at all times.

The participants have entered the lake to perform 750 m swimming. Then, it was the turn of the 20 km cyclists along three laps with climbs to Cerro Garabitas. Finally, they have completed 5 km of running race in the vicinity of the Casa de Campo in Madrid.

In turn, it is worth noting the Galician Aida Valiño who has signed a brilliant silver medal. Meanwhile, Ana Burgos has achieved the bronze medal after running a sensational race segment on foot, which has obtained the best record with 17: 51. All of them have commanded the competition, occupying the first places during its development.

Meanwhile, Melina Alonso and Tamara Gómez have completed the podium in the sub-23 category. Alonso has achieved the runner-up at the end of his performance with a time of 1:14:58. While Gómez has taken the bronze after stopping the clock in 1:15:23. The three triathletes, all of them in the ranks of the Ferrol Triathlon, have conspicuously excelled in the running section of the race.

Likewise, it is worth highlighting the victory in the general test of the Mexican MIchelle Flipo. Michelle has entered the finish line with a final time of 1:13:43.


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