Miriam Casillas, fourth in the Final of the Triathlon European Cup in Madrid

In an impressive run on foot, Miriam Casillas has climbed to fourth place in the Triathlon European Cup Final



Yuliya Yelistratova has achieved the victory with a time of 2: 10: 02 followed by 32 seconds of Anneke Jenkins and third place Jessica Learmonth more than a minute from the Ukrainian.


A spectacular Miriam Casillas, who arrived in Madrid after taking the national title of the specialty last weekend in Águilas, and that this season has achieved the subchampionship of the world sub23 and the victory in Larache Cup, was ahead of rivals, and rising positions throughout these four final laps. After a sensational last sector in which Casillas marked the second best record of the stage, the Extremadura reached a splendid fourth place. In this way Casillas, continues to maintain the magnificent level of this season.


The British Jessica Learmonth was the great protagonist of the first two sectors. Learmonth completed the swim 1500m in the lead, followed a few seconds by his compatriot Natalie Milne and already in third position, was the gala Margot Garabedian. For its part, a sensational Sara Perez came out of the water in a prominent fourth place. While the rest of Spaniards headed the first transition, something more laggards.


The British has remained in the lead during the eight laps that have made up the cycling segment of 40,8 km. Behind, a first pursuit group that included Anneke Jenkins, Yuliya Yelistratova and Mariya Shorets among others, had a disadvantage of 2 minutes on arrival at the second transition.


For its part, Miriam Casillas I was struggling in a second pursuer platoon, trying to cut seconds during this segment, however, but entered the T2 more than 3 minutes and a half from the leader. While Melina Alonso, Sara Bonilla and Paula García Godino circulated further away.


Entering the 10 km at the end of the race on foot, Learmonth retained its advantage in the front, already demonstrating the fatigue of having had to face alone the first two sectors. In the course of the third of the four laps of this last stage, the Ukrainian Yuliya Yelistratova imposed her strong stride to overcome the British and placed in the lead. The New Zealander Jenkins did the same and ahead of Learmonth, to place in second position.


The final victory would be for an unstoppable Yuliya Yelistratova with a time of 2: 10: 02. While Jenkins won the second place on the podium to 32 seconds of the winner and Learmonth obtained the third position of the podium, entering more than a minute from the Ukrainian.


On the other hand, the rest of the Spanish women in contention, Sara Perez -because of an untimely injury-, Sara Bonilla, Melina Alonso y Paula García Godino They did not have their day in the capital and could not complete the recoirrido.



Photo: ETU

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