Miriam Casillas finishes sixth overall in the Super League Triathlon

Georgia Taylor Brown and Hayden Wilde's take the final win

This weekend has finished Super League Triathlon after the 5 tests that compose it.

The circuit this year has been held in London, Munich, Malibú, Toulouse and ending yesterday in Neom (Saudi Arabia).

In this the 'grand finale' Miriam Casillas He finished in 6th position, also finishing in a great sixth position overall after all the circuit tests.

Moreover Sergio Baxter has finished in the 14th final position after finishing in the Top 7th in yesterday's test.

The overall win went to Georgia Taylor Brown and Hayden Wilde's

This was the ranking

Men's 10 Top

Athlete Points
Hayden Wilde 74
Matthew Hauser 61
Jonathan Brownlee 50
Basque Vilaca 46
Tayler Reid 45
Kenji nener 44
emily holm 33
Chase mcqueen 33
Shachar Sagiv 31
Richard Murray 29

Top 10 female

Athlete Points
Georgia Taylor-Brown 76
Taylor Spivey 70
Sophie Coldwell 57
Beth Potter 52
Verena Steinhauser 44
Miriam Casillas García 42
Jeanne Lehair 41
Cassandre Beaugrand 36
Nicole Van Der Kaay 33
Kate Waugh 30

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