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Miriam Casillas in the Top-15 of the Cozumel World Cup

The Spanish has been classified in the Top-15 of a very close race that has been developed on sprint distance.

Good paper of Miriam Casillas at the ITU Triathlon World Cup held this Sunday in Cozumel (Mexico).

One more year, Cozumel has returned to present some harsh conditions due to the strong heat and humidity prevailing. The Japanese Yuka Sato was the first to make the first 750 m swim. While Tamara Gómez y Miriam Casillas completed the sector to 30 seconds of the first positions.

In the course of the first round of the four that have shaped the cycling circuit has formed a platoon head of 16 triathletes composed of some of the top favorites like Rachel Klamer, Lisa Norden or Erin Densham, who has commanded the entirety of this second section of the event. After them, the two Spaniards have fought in a second persecuting platoon. Misfortune made an appearance and Tamara Gómez, the ilicitana, was forced to retire due to a puncture on a wheel during the second round of the course.

Once the 20 km of the section has been completed, a final segment of 5 km of a very open foot race has begun. In the first instants the Dutch Klamer and the American have occupied the first places. However, in a brilliant race, the Japanese Ai Ueda has been climbing positions to take the victory in a great comeback. The silver medal has been for Rachel Klamer and the bronze medal for the Australian Erin Densham

On the other hand, the pacense Miriam Casillas He has also progressed in a great race on foot to get the 13 position and enter the Top-15 of the race after a splendid final.

Victory for Murray in the male elite

Then came the men's competition with two Spaniards at the helm, Pablo Dapena and David Castro. At the end of the swimming segment, the Swiss Andreas Salvisberg has led the race on the way to the T2. Already immersed in the 20 km cyclists has formed a broad front platoon of over 60 triathletes, including Dapena and Castro. The Spanish duo has remained well established in the group during the four laps of a flat segment, which has been integrated by some very technical turns.

Everything was to be decided in the final third of the race, with the South African Richard Murray taking the reins from the beginning of the leg of the race on foot. Throughout the two laps of the course, Murray has been consolidating in the leadership and mediated the sector has extended its advantage to 24 seconds, on a platoon chasing eleven triathletes. While Dapena and Castro have been lagging behind as the sector advanced.

Finalmete, Richard Murray has been imposed with comfort with a time of 55: 02. After the South African triathlete, Kyle Jones (Canada) the silver medal has been hung and the Hungarian Gábor Faldum has signed the third prize at stake.

As long as Pablo Dapena has been classified in 30º place and David Castro in an unfortunate ending, 60º, due to stomach problems.

Source and Photo: Fetri

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