Miriam Casillas will open the 2017 in the Xterra Greece

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The current Spanish and Olympic Champion at the Rio Olympic Games Miriam Casillas He has presented us with the first part of his competition calendar. 

Miriam Casillas 2016 finished injured, after competing in the Spanish Championship began with some discomfort that prevented him from finishing the next week the World Cup final in Cozumel. He decided to close the season at that time, so this winter his main goal has been to recover to 100% of the ankle injury.

During these last months he has been training very well swimming and cycling. He started running at Christmas and his progress is being very good. As she has told us: “The truth is that I am training both by bike and swimming much better than last year and running I am already starting to be at my level. This winter I also wanted to dedicate a little more time to medicine, to completely close the practices that I had left to finish my degree. Although no one likes being injured, I believe that even now I have continued to grow as an athlete and that this type of "winters" will also bear fruit."

Miriam Casillas Spanish Triathlon Championship 

Miriam will debut the 30 in April, and this time she will do it in a different discipline, in cross triathlon in the XTERRA of Greece, "Without a specific preparation, but with an extra motivation I will be in a modality that has always attracted me. " Afterwards, he will focus on the ITU circuit, starting his competitions in the WTS of Yokohama and continuing with the World Cup in Madrid "the test that I prepare with the most enthusiasm of the whole season".

Calenadario Miriam Casillas

  • Xterra Greece 30 April
  • WTS Yokohama May 13-14
  • World Cup of Madrid 28 May

We wish Miriam a great 2017 full of successes, lots of encouragement!

Photos: Whybrand du Toit and Juan Alberto Calvo

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