Montreal, the penultimate round of the World Series with Eliminator format

Starting tomorrow, August 13, it will be held in Montreal the penultimate round of the Trialton World Series circuit.

The competition that will have a different format than the usual WTS and  It will be played in 2 days with semifinals and a final in the Eliminator format

The Eliminator is a very intense format that takes place over two days and on the super-sprint distance: 300 m of swimming, 7,2 km of cycling and 2 km of running.

The absence of the Olympic champion stands out Kristian Blummenfelt in addition to all the triarmada that was in the games.


In the competition there will only be one Spaniard, Antonio Serrat who will be in qualifying round 1 along with Vicent Luis, Aaron Royle, Tayler Reid o Marten Van Riel among others.

In the second round highlights HaydenWilde, Jacob Birtwhistle, Leo Bergere, Jelle Geens o Dorian Conix

In the female category it will be Flora Duffy, in addition to regular circuit such as Katie ZaferesTaylor knibb o Non Standford who will compete in the first qualifying round.

In the second women's event, they are Sophie Codwell Taylor Spivey o Laura Lindemann among toras.

You can check in the following link the departure lists


The test will be played as follows, The time is the official in Spain it is 5 more hours.

Friday 13 of August of 2021

  • 11:30 am: WTCS Women - Qualifying Round 1
  • 12h00 pm: WTCS Women - Qualifying Round 2
  • 1h00 pm: WTCS Men - Qualifying Round 1
  • 1h30 pm: WTCS Men - Qualifying Round 2
  • 2h30 pm: WTCS Women - Repechage
  • 3h00 pm: WTCS Men - Repechage

Saturday August 14 2021

  • 1h36 pm: WTCS Women - Final 1
  • 2h16 pm: WTCS Women - Final 2
  • 2h56 pm: WTCS Women - Final 3
  • 4h06 pm: WTCS Men - Final 1
  • 4:46 pm: WTCS Men - Final 2 (20 Athletes)
  • 5:26 pm: WTCS Men - Final 3 (10 Athletes)

Sunday, August 15, 2021

  • 3h06 pm: WTCS - Mixed Team Relay

Where to see it live?

The competition can be seen through the Triathlonlive page

There are no previous results.

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