Morgan Pearson wins the 2024 Yokohama World Series

This morning the city of Yokohama hosted another exciting day in the 2024 World Triathlon Series, where the American Morgan Pearson He took victory after an impressive race.

But the great news has been for the Spanish fans since Antonio Serrat, whoever managed to meet the Top 12 criteria has secured their participation in the Paris Olympic Games.

The men's competition, which had 60 triathletes at the starting line, began with a dizzying swimming segment led by Mark Devay and Vincent Luis.

The Spanish Alberto González remained in the leading group, while Serrat, Baxter, Castro and Sánchez Mantecón struggled to close the gap.

The cycling segment was intense, with multiple escape attempts and a fall that took Schoeman and Mislawchuck out of the race.

Despite Baxter's efforts to lead the chasing group, the merger occurred at kilometer 28, leaving 50 triathletes in the lead to face the final 12 kilometers.

The foot race was decisive, with Pearson showing his speed and overtaking Australian Luke William in the final meters.

Serrat, for his part, made a spectacular comeback to cross the finish line in 11th place, thus securing his ticket to Paris.

The Spaniards Alberto González, Baxter, Castro and Sánchez Mantecón also had a good performance, finishing in 17th, 21st, 28th and 44th places, respectively.

With this result, Spain secures three places in the men's category for the Olympic Games.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Name Last Name Country Total time
1 Morgan Pearson USA 01:42:05
2 Matthew Hauser AUS 01:42:12
3 Luke William AUS 01:42:20
4 Léo Bergere FRA 01:42:26
5 Charles Paquet CAN 01:42:30
6 Marten Van Rail BEL 01:42:34
7 Kenji nener JPN 01:42:36
8 Miguel Hidalgo BRA 01:42:38
9 Vincent Luis FRA 01:42:40
10 Kristian Blummenfelt NOR 01:42:46

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