Movements in the Olympic ranking after the Yokohama test

The first test of the Triathlon World Series (WTCS) in Yokohama where they won Morgan Pearson y Leonie Periault, has brought important changes in the Olympic ranking, crucial in this final qualifying phase for the Paris Olympics

Male category

 The Australian Luke Willian, after his bronze medal in Yokohama, rose seventeen places to 24th place, ensuring his participation in Paris.

Your compatriot Matthew Hauser, a silver medalist, is also in the top 30, leaving Australia one athlete short of qualifying a third male representative. Brandon Copeland, currently in 42nd place, could be key in the next test in Cagliari.

Morgan Pearson, winner in Yokohama, had the biggest rise in the men's ranking, rising twenty-five places to 25. The United States, like Australia, has two men qualified (Pearson y Matthew McElroy) and needs Seth rider (46th place) enter the top 30 to secure a third representative.

Other notable promotions were those of the Canadian charles pack, which rose seventeen places to 32nd, and the Belgian Marten Van Riel, which rose thirteen places to 34th, showing that there are still opportunities in Cagliari.

Men's Olympic ranking

Female category

The Spanish Anna Godoy Contreras She achieved a sixth place in Yokohama, the best of her career, which moved her up 14 places in the Olympic ranking to now be in 36th place.

His actions open new possibilities for Spain, which already has Miriam Casillas García already classified Noelia Juan in 34th place. If both rise to the top 30, they could accompany Casillas in Paris.

Leonie Periault, winner in Yokohama, rose eight places to 17th, virtually securing her place on the French team. The American Taylor Knibb It also rose five places and is now in sixth place.

Flora Duffy (Bermuda) and jennyfer arnold (Brazil) also improved their position in the rankings, but their countries only have two women in the top 60, so their promotions will not affect the fight for a third Olympic representative.

Women's Olympic ranking

The fight for qualification continues in Cagliari

The WTCS Cagliari test will be decisive for many athletes seeking to secure their participation in the Paris Olympic Games.

The fight for the top 30 in the men's and women's rankings will intensify, and countries such as Spain, Australia and the United States will seek to secure a third representative in the Olympic competition.

There are no previous results.

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