MTRI Alicante closes a first section of fare change with nearly 700 registered

Mediterranean 2023 Triathlon It opened registrations less than a month ago, and it is on its way to reaching a new record, with 250 more registered than on the same dates last year.

The competition, which as usual opens individually, depending on the date of celebration of each of its venues, activated on January 19 the registration to MTRI Alicante, and to MTRI Pack (indivisible joint registration to the 3 venues in different modalities). .

Both registrations will close on May 2, and the start of the competition will take place on May 13/14.

News from the circuit

The MTRI circuit, the most massive popular triathlon in Spain, last year closed registrations with 4.000 registered in the 3 venues, will add in this edition the participation of schoolchildren.

In this way, the base of our sport is also integrated into a weekend designed for family enjoyment.

The competition will continue with the 3 modalities of the triathlon: supersprint, ideal distance for beginners; sprint y Olympic.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of compete in pairs in supersprint and sprint.

The school modality, depending on each venue, will be scored for one or another phase of the XLI Sports Games of the Valencian Community.

Thus, in the first venue, Alicante, it will be a scoring event for the regional phase, with only children, cadets and youth being able to participate, who will play a school aquathlon.

On the other hand, the mountain bike, which can already be used in supersprint distance, It will be allowed in sprint mode since the popular tests regulations that since this year have integrated the Spanish Triathlon Federation.

Participants they will be able to compete with mountain bikes without couplings also in sprint.

A novelty that will surely encourage even more if possible the participation of those who have never dared with the sport of the 3 segments.

MTRI Castellón opens registration

The next venue that will open registrations will be MTRI Castellón, and it will do so on February 23.

For the 2nd consecutive year, the competition will have 2 days of triathlon, in a single venue, the Javier Marquina Soccer Field, in front of the Planetarium Beach, location of the swimming segment.

Schoolchildren will also join the Castellón popular triathlon festival this year, and will have their competition on Saturday. Both days will end with a tasting of traditional paella.

The Triathlon World Cup, the finishing touch of the circuit in Valencia

Once again MTRI Valencia will close the circuit in September. A city that repeats as an international venue, hosting the Triathlon World Cup for the 3rd year.

On this occasion the competition is part of the ranking for the Paris 2024 Olympic qualification.

The start list will surely be full of big names from the international triathlon elite, to which our TriArmada will undoubtedly join.

The weekend in Valencia will start on Friday morning and will last until noon on Sunday.

The World Cup will be held on Saturday, September 2 in the afternoon.

 The Valencia headquarters will also host the Autonomous Paratriathlon Championship in Sprint distance.

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