• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

MTRI Castellón 2024 already has nearly 900 triathletes

With nearly 900 triathletes already registered, the MTRI Castellon It is emerging as one of the most prominent on the Spanish sports calendar. Haven't you signed up yet?

What awaits you at the MTRI Castellón?

The MTRI Castellón offers a complete experience for all participants.

From the moment of registration, you will receive a commemorative bag, a competition pack and a technical t-shirt.

When you cross the finish line, a finisher's medal awaits you to commemorate your achievement. But that's not all, the organization has prepared a first-class refreshment station during the race and after the finish line, including a paella party for you and your companions with a €10 ticket!

In addition, you can enjoy free massages and photos to remember this unforgettable day.

Rates for all budgets

The MTRI Castellón offers different modalities and rates to adapt to all levels and budgets:

Olympic 55 € 105 €
Olympic Couples 68 € €13/registered
Sprint 50 € 63 €
Pairs Sprint 95 € +13 €/registered
Supersprint 35 € 41 €
Sprint Couples 65 € +6 €/registered

Do not stay out!

The MTRI Castellón 2024 is your opportunity to live a unique experience. Sign up now through their website https://www.mediterraneatriatlon.com/ 

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