MTRI Castellón, two days of intense triathlon for everyone

Castellón vibrated again with its popular triathlon this weekend within the circuit Mediterranean Triathlon.

La second seat of the popular circuit del Mediterráneo left a very good taste in the mouths of those registered and participants in an edition that showed from the beginning its differences with those held to date in Castellón.

Renewed image and spectacular goal for a test that sand celebrated for the first time a double day, and that it did return to take the facilities of the Javier Marquina Football Field as its headquarters.

Here at the first day the fastest and most explosive competitions were held. The triathletes registered in distance opened Sprint, both in individual mode and in pairs, which would be followed by the triathletes of the supersprint.

More than 70 couples signed up for MTRI Castellón, proving that triathlon is also a sport to share equally with friends, family... The arrivals at the finish line were even more exciting, taking into account that many were competing for the first time in triathlon. .

On Saturday he left us several podiums. The sprint competition was won in the men's category by Carlos Mejía from Flor de Triatló, closely followed by Ricardo Vicente from Tricanet de Berenguer who entered 2” behind Carlos.

In 3rd place Pedro Segrelles from the CT Laboratory Sys who stopped the clock in 1:02:34. In the female category, Britt Van Hecke managed to stop the clock in 1:12:19, followed by Samantha Redondo from the Bull Project Triathlon who entered 1'26” and Ana González in 3rd place.

In the supersprint distance they occupied the top 3 positions on the men's podium: Miguel Roch from the Carcaixent Triathlon; Israel Matamala from CEA Bétera and Pablo Alepuz from Trinoulas. In the female category Neus Bagán of the Castellón Triathlon; Claudia Cidoncha of the CN Don Benito Acuarun; and Helena Carla Yarritu from CDM Avant Moncada.

La second day competition brought together 350 triathletes from all over Spain in 3 unique starts: federated male, non-federated male and female.

They faced the most demanding distance in our sport. Many of them for the first time. The faces of satisfaction when crossing the finish line showed that the challenge was worth it. The distance was putting each triathlete in their place as the segments progressed.

The end of the swim marked the best time for Joan Muñoz, the triathlete from the Gandia Triathlon Club who completed the segment in 21'21” followed by Álex Julio from the CEC Antella and Carmelo Abraham Selma, from the Triaspe Sports Club.

In the Miguel Fuentes cycling segment of the Castellón Triathlon he would enter the scene and he would do it to stay. Along with Joan Muñoz and Álex Julio Aleixandre from CEC Antella they would enter first position in transition to start the race together.

In this segment the triathlete of the local club, Miguel Fuentes, would set an unstoppable pace, until completing the entry to the finish line in first position in 1:52:53. Mario Somoza from CDE Aguaverde and Alfredo Valle from Bicis Pina-Daven Cars-Tri Toledo, would complete the Olympic podium.

In women, the triathlete Clara Royo returned to the competition in Castellón ready to climb on the podium again. She had also done it in the pairs super sprint the day before, and she would finally do it again on Sunday.

He came out of the water in second position. The triathlete of the Almansa Triathlon Club, Esther Martínez, was the fastest in the water. The third position at the end of the swim was also for the triathlete from the same club, Belén Baidez.

In the cycling segment the 3 exchanged positions. Clara Royo took the lead of the race until completing her entry to the finish line in 2:09:04, marking a final run of 40'.

Entering the podium in 2nd position, the ANB Bodegas y Viñedos Labastida Triathlon Club triathlete, Natalia Bermúdez de Castro, with a partial run on foot also very fast, practically the same as the one disputed by Clara Royo and that would allow her to place in the MTRI Castellón podium. The 3rd step went to Salut Borràs from CEC Antella-Frutas Tono – Alejandro Sanz.

Throughout the weekend the triathletes enjoyed a post-finish service according to the circumstances, with recovery space thanks to Compex and its electrostimulation devices; liquid provisioning thanks to NutriSport; and spectacular giant paellas that made the triathletes rest after the competition on the lawn of the Javier Marquina Football Field.

The Mediterranean Triathlon circuit has a final ranking that determines an individual and pairs classification, already updated on the official page

The next MTRI competition will be held in Valencia on September 1, 2 and 3. The test will also include supersprint, sprint and Olympic distances in individual and pair modalities.

In addition, the city will once again host the Triathlon World Cup on Saturday afternoon. Registration is open, and they already have more than 1.100 registered.

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