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Multipower confirms the END of Sponsoring of Virginia Berasategui

After the confession yesterday of Virginia Berasategui, athlete sponsored by Multipower from 2010, the nutrition brand has sent us the following statement in order to clarify any possible relationship that could be established with the brand and the substances they use. From today, the relationship with the triathlete by Multipower is finalized.

Multipower is a brand of sports nutrition that is totally opposed to the use of illegal substances in sports performance, a requirement that requires all its sponsored athletes.

All the products developed by Multipower and that are on sale in the market comply with international regulations in this respect, in the same way that its labeling is previously approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which guarantees that none of the substances used in manufacturing are illegal, nor improve performance as doping or undue competition.

The use of illegal substances by sponsored athletes suppose ending the relationship and the support between both parties.

It is for this reason that after the confession of Virginia Berasategui and the doping result officially published a few days ago, Multipower immediately breaks the relationship with the Basque triathlete and he states that the positive has no relation with the Multipower product supplied to it during the current season and the previous ones, from 2010.


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