Murua finishes seventh in the women's triathlon won by the Swiss Spirig

Exciting women's triathlon that took place at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Finally, the Swiss Nicola Spirig won with a time of 1:59:48 and sprinting in the last meter against the Swedish Lisa Norden, silver, and with the Australian Erin Densham entering third position.


The triathlete of Zarautz obtains Olympic diploma when finishing 1: 08 of the head

The Spanish Ainhoa ​​Murua finished in seventh position, doing a great job, and only 1:08 behind the winner. The Zarauzt triathlete takes a well-deserved Olympic diploma that she has fought for in all the tests of this discipline. At 3:02 Marina Dalaimcourt finished, in 24th position, and Zuriñe Rodríguez, 44th with a time of 2:08:44 to 8:56 behind the winner.

The British Lucy Hall starts strong in swimming

In the 1.500-meter section of swimming, the 55 participating triathletes went out to conquer the world but soon, after 4 minutes of competition, the favorites to win this test began to be seen. The group was broken with the athletes who would finally end up at the top of the timer in swimming.

The Mexican Claudia Rivas tried to squeeze while Lucy Hall, the British supported by her audience, did not let any get away.

In minute 12, Hall herself was in the lead, accompanied by the Danish Line Jensen and the Brazilian Pamella Oliveira. Meanwhile, the Mexican Rivas began to falter and slip slightly.

Seven triathletes set the pace and broke the group in two with the peloton at a distance of around a minute. With this panorama, the end of the swimming section was reached with the British Lucy Hall in first position and with a time of 18:17. They were followed by the Danish Jensen, four seconds later, and the Japanese Mariko Adachi, 8 seconds behind.

The Spanish Ainhoa ​​Murúa had been doing a good time, starting in tenth position with a time of 19:21, one minute and 4 seconds perfectly recoverable on the bike. Marina Damlaimcourt was in 16th position with a time of 19:20, practically led by Murúa. Zuriñe Rodríguez was the lowest of the three, arriving in position 44 with a time of 19:49.

A group of 22 that made a difference

The 43 kilometers that awaited them with the bicycle would be another 'sing'. Hall, Jensen and Adachi would start the first but the differences won in the swim would not take long to shorten.

The Hyde Park where the test was being held vibrated with the triathletes. The leading group was also well marked, in this case with 22 runners who did not leave many options. The wet terrain was also the protagonist, causing triathletes to slip on their bikes, like the Brazilian Oliveira, who was finally able to continue.

In the upper part were the Spanish Marina and Ainhoa. The woman from Madrid was placed ninth and the one from Zarautz was around tenth place when the first three laps of the seven laps they had to complete had already been completed. In the lead was the British Lucy Hall, intractable in all aspects seen so far.

This would be the pace set at the end of the fourth lap. At 1:58 the second group of triathletes were there after seeing the leading 22 leave without further ado. After the fourth lap, Marina and Ainhoa ​​were still hovering around those same positions, Marina tenth and Ainhoa ​​twelfth. Zuriñe was behind, about two minutes behind the front group. The Canadian Tramblay and the Australian Moffatt, bronze in Beijing, withdrew due to physical problems.

For the last lap through Hyde Park by bicycle, the British Hall would be first in that group of 22 that would not break. Ainhoa ​​was in position 14 and Marina in 15, waiting for her moment in the 10 kilometer race on foot. Zuriñe was at 2:05 in position 28.

The cycling test would end with those 22 triathletes in the lead with the German Anja Dittmer as first, the Danish Lisa Norden in second position and the Australian Andrea Hewitt third. The one who had collapsed had been the British Lucy Hall who came in last in this group. Ainhoa ​​would be eighth and Marina 15th, three seconds behind.

A race to give everything

For the race test things would become clear soon. In the ten kilometers ahead they would quickly be ten runners in the lead. The one who got off the hook was the British Hall who finished first in the swim and who was always in the lead on the bicycle but ended up faltering.

Ainhoa ​​was left sixth after finishing the first lap of the race while Marina dropped slightly, 25 seconds behind the leading triathletes. It was being verified that the triathletes who had been pulling their heads in the cycling section were falling behind.

The Australian Erin Densham was in the lead followed by the Swede Lisa Norden and the Swiss Nicola Spirig. Ainhoa, the Spaniard who was on top, fell off the hook at times when the third lap was running.

Andrea Hewitt, the New Zealander, was fifth and trying to keep up with the first four that were Jenkins, Densham, Spirig and Norden. The American Groff refused to be forgotten and it was about adding to complete the quintet. At the end of the third round it would be like that. Murúa was seventh, 21 seconds behind the first.

One of the great favorites for the medal, the British Helen Jenkins was behind in the next lap. Meanwhile, the Swiss Spirig squeezed and tried to break her competitors.

In the last section, now with four triathletes alone, the Swiss Spirig and the Swedish Norden squeezed, who ended up entering almost on par but taking the gold Spirig followed by Norden and with the Australian Densham entering third position. Groff would finish fourth and the Spanish Ainhoa ​​Murúa, seventh at 1:08 and with her Olympic diploma under her arm.


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