TriStar111 Madrid is born

Madrid will host an innovative TriStar world series triathlon in summer, with the successful 111 format that will bring fun to the Spanish capital on July 3, 2011: 1 km of swimming, 100 km of cycling and 10 km of running , adding a total distance of 111 km. The Casa de Campo is the great setting chosen to host TriStar111 Madrid, an unbeatable location for athletes and spectators to enjoy a high-quality sporting event. Triathletes from all over Europe will have the opportunity to tour the circuit where the ITU World Series event takes place-



Madrid also joins the list of cities that host TriStar world series events in 2011. The first TriStar111 Madrid will take place next Sunday, July 3, at Casa de Campo, on the same circuit where the event takes place. of the ITU World Series. Casa de Campo is a perfect place to host a top-level triathlon, since it is very close to the historic center of Madrid and because it offers great facilities for setting up all the necessary infrastructures in the same area, as well as being a great green lung for the city and one of the historical enclaves of popular Spanish sports. Thus, in addition to benefiting the triathletes, it also benefits the spectators and companions, who can follow the entire test from the start to the finish without moving. This first TriStar111 Madrid will have a limit of 500 registered.

"TriStar111 Madrid will have a very important role within our TriStar world series, as well as one of our new venues for the TEAM competition -by teams- within the 111 format. All this has been possible thanks to the close and close collaboration that we have maintained. with the Madrid Triathlon Federation I am very happy to welcome Madrid as the organizing city of a TriStar111, and I hope that this will be a very fruitful and lasting association in the coming years”, says Georg Hochegger CEO of Star Production SARL.

The test will begin with the swimming segment with an easy route in the calm waters of the Casa de Campo lake (1 km), and will continue with the 100 km of cycling. This sector will be completely closed to traffic, inside the enclosure, and the participants will have to do 10 laps of a 10 km circuit. For this reason, drafting (going to a wheel or in a squad) will be allowed. Finally, after leaving the bike in the pits again, the triathletes will have to run 10 km on foot, two 5 km laps, before crossing the spectacular finish line of the inaugural edition of TriStar111 Madrid.

The TriStar formats are easy to understand, do not require a year's commitment to sign up, and most importantly, the relatively short swim and run allow for quicker recovery after the triathlon and above all. all more fun! TriStar111 Madrid is open to individual triathletes or relay teams made up of two or three participants. This format has a total length of 111 kilometers, making it easy to understand the approach TriStar has brought to the sport: choose your favorite distance on the bike and then divide by 10 for the run and by 100 for the swim: 1 km swim , 100 km of cycling and 10 km of running is the sum of the TriStar111 Madrid.

In addition, TriStar Madrid will also have a solidarity character, focused on the social responsibility of the event, through the Livestrong Foundation and the fight against cancer. Another objective is to promote a triathlon that is respectful with the environment and focused on sustainable development, through the program.

This will be the second test that TriStar celebrates this year in Spain, after TriStar Mallorca (April 17), which will feature the participation of the best long-distance triathlete in the world, Chris 'Macca' McCormack, two-time Ironman world champion. In addition, Madrid joins the list of world Star Events events that are completed with various formats and distances in Nevis, Mallorca, Worms, Lyon, Estonia, Monaco or Sardinia.

The registration period is now open through the official website of the event:

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