A new Triathlon circuit is born in the community of Madrid, the TACTIKA TRIATLON

The circuit will have 2 medium distance tests.

The organizers of Ecotrimad, organize for the 2019 a 5 circuit tests combining cros and road duathlon, team chrono, olympic triathlon and medium distance triathlon

El TACTIKA TRIATLON will begin the 16 of February with the dispute of one of the duathlones with more personality of the national panorama, the Ecodumad and will finish in 15 of June with the dispute of Ecotrimad in Buitrago de Lozoya


Ecodumad Cros San Agustin del Guadalix

  •  The couples mode is maintained.
  • Price change on January 27.
  • check: 16 for February.
  • See    www.ecodumad.com

Ecodumad Road Pozuelo de Alarcón

  •  There will be couples mode.
  • Price change for February 10.
  • Date: March 3.
  • Web under construction.

Duathlon road Fuente el Saz / Algete.

  • Distances sprint, Olympic y middle distance (16 - 62 - 8)
  • Price change for the March 3.
  • Date: March 24.
  • Web under construction.

Half Ironman Aranjuez.

  • Project already approved. Completely different routes to old triathlons.
  • Date: 28 for April.
  • Web under construction.


  • Media Distancia and Olympic without drafting on June 15.
  • Sunday June 16 both sprint and Olympic WITH Drafting
  •  www.ecotrimad.com

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