• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour


It is a circuit designed for age groups

The European triathlon is about to be transformed with the arrival of the NATION STARS TOUR, a series of competitions designed specifically for age group athletes.

This innovative tour started with great success in Alsdorf and promises to continue growing with its next appointment in the historic city of Coimbra.

The NATION STARS TOUR is not simply a series of events; is a comprehensive experience that combines sport and culture, offering triathletes and their families the opportunity to enjoy beautiful European cities while competing at the highest level.

This year, the tour includes stops in Alsdorf, Coimbra, Almere and Vichy, each selected not only for its challenging circuits in various modalities such as Aquathlon, Duathlon, Cross Triathlon, among others, but also for its cultural richness.

En Alsdorf, the series began with the Europe Duathlon Challenge in Long Distance on May 5.

The action now moves to Coimbra, from June 14 to 22. This city, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, hosts the Europe Triathlon Multisport Championships.

The tour will continue in Almere on September 14 with the Europe Triathlon Challenge Long Distance Championships Almere-Amsterdam, held in the second oldest triathlon competition in the world. And it will end in Vichy on September 21 and 22, in an impeccable location that will host the Europe Triathlon Championships.

Furthermore, future competitions are anticipated in Pamplona y Rumination, cities that promise to add even more diversity and challenge to the circuit with their historic and new locations.

The highlight of the NATION STARS TOUR is that no prior qualification is required in most cases, although the rules of the national federations must be respected to participate.

For more details about event dates, registrations, developments in the project and exclusive benefits for participants, it is recommended to visit the tour website: www.nationstarstourtri.com.

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