Narón hosts the Galician Triathlon Gala this afternoon

The auditorium in the Plaza de Galicia, in the Concello de Narón, will host the thirteenth edition of the Galician Federation of Triathlon and Modern Pentathlon Gala from five in the afternoon. It is an act in which tribute will be paid to the best athletes of these sports modalities in the past year 2011.

It is planned that this celebration will be attended by the Ferrol triathlete Javier Gómez Noya, who starts as the great favorite to be awarded as the best elite triathlete of last season, as well as Iván Raña or Pilar Hidalgo, who are scheduled to award for his sporting career. Among the winners will also be the components of the Cidade Fluvial de Lugo, who are the current champions of the Superliga, both in the male and female categories.

In total, more than fifty prizes will be awarded, distributed between triathletes and modern pentathlon competitors among the different categories, from fry to veterans, male and female. In triathlon, they opt for the prizes of the best promises for their role throughout the year 2011 Diana Cotón (Fluvial), Xiana Rendo (Independent), Antonio Serrat (Mar de Vigo) and Ignacio Castro (Inforhouse). In the elite category, the candidates are Javier Gómez Noya (Fluvial) and Iván Raña (Inforhouse) among men, and Estefanía Domínguez (Fluvial) and Marta Jiménez (Fluvial) among women.

In modern pentathlon the most outstanding athletes will be Cristóbal Rodríguez (Cidade de Lugo) in elite and Aroa Freije (Cidade de Lugo), and Raúl Blanco (Cidade de Lugo) in promises.


The Cidade de Lugo, a historic one, will be distinguished as the best club. There will also be recognitions for the Council of Pontevedra, Vilalba and Tomiño.

At the local level, the Ferrol Triathlon monopolizes eight awards. Camila Alonso monopolizes several awards, as well as Fani Sande, Melina Alonso or Cali Formoso, the president. The Naron-born Brais Canosa will also be awarded.

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