Natalia Raña will participate in the Ironman of Lanzarote

TN. Natalia Raña, triathlete with a decade dedicated to the world of triathlon and also known for being the sister of the Olympic triathlete and recently winner the Ironman 70.3 of Lanzarote as well as the Ironman of Cozumel, has decided Take the leap this year to the long distance.



After having achieved remarkable results in his beginnings in Triathlon during the 2002-2004 years and have remarkable results in recent years in the Community of Madrid mainly in Duathlon defending the colors of his club CTDiablillos de Rivas, we are sure that Natalia will give much to talk about in the next year.


Natalia How are you at the start of the season? Do you feel recovered from the injury and with strength to start the new season?

This season I started with great caution. I've been dragging discomfort in my Achilles Tendons for almost a year. This injury was caused by the training he was doing to compete in the Cto. Duathlon World of Gijon (2011) was better than ever on foot and the desire to play a good role made me to force more than advised ... .result my inflamed tendons that would not let me walk.


Right now they are much better, although I can not pass and I have to be very careful with the loads of training. Looking at it on the positive side, it has been an injury that has been very good for me to prepare the great challenge of this season: "The Ironman of Lanzarote", I have improved a lot with the bike.


At what point do you make the decision to go long distance and why?

 I do not know if it is a definitive step or just a test. I think I still have enough energy to be competitive in Sprint and Olympic distances. I still want to run fast and make transitions "at full speed" hehe.


During this summer the possibility of participating in the Ironman of Lanzarote, they proposed it to me and I accepted the challenge ... I think I did not know very well what I was facing (I am realizing little by little) But I am very excited about being able to participate, thinking about finishing as well as possible and above all for being able to share training with a group of fabulous people that I have met thanks to "all this mess" of long distance.


Are you excited about the challenge?

Never better said "The challenge" hehehe .... I have never done greater distances than Olympic Triathlon.

I think that my experience as a triathlete, awarded a scholarship Flower, member of the Spanish national team for several seasons…. Apart from my Physical Education studies, they have made me acquire a lot of knowledge in sports training. But Long Distance is something totally new: Volumes, loads, recovery times, food ... everything is new and I find it very interesting to see how the body adapts to the type of training necessary to perform the Ironman with a minimum of guarantees .


The IronMan of Lanzarote will take place next Saturday May 18, in addition to this challenge in long distance, Natalia Raña has prepared us some surprise.


It is great news to know that every day Spain has more triathletes and the quality of Natalia Raña who are betting on long distance and from Triathlon News we wish her luck in this new challenge.

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