Cidade de Lugo Fluvial wins the Copa de la Reina Iberdrola and the University of Alicante the Copa del Rey GOfit Triathlon in Roquetas de Mar

El Cidade de Lugo Fluvial won the Queen Iberdrola Triathlon Cup held in Roquetas de Mar, And the University of Alicante He did the same in the Copa del Rey GOfit, also adding his fifth title and getting it in property.

Intense day of triathlon in team time trial format, with excellent climatic conditions in the Almeria town.

GOfit Triathlon King's Cup

The men of the University of Alicante They made clear their intention to repeat in the Cup title with a time of 55:20 very early but already pointing to unbeatable.

Roberto Sánchez Mantecón, Luismi Velásquez, David Cantero, Héctor Arévalo and Lasse Lührs achieved victory with just over a minute ahead of Cidade de Lugo Fluvial, For which they stopped the clock in 56:23 Martín Cando, Rubén Pereira, Andrés Cendán, Ricardo Hernández, Tiago Lemos and Guillem Montiel.

male king cup podium
male king cup podium

The third place was for Alusigma Peñota Dental Portugaletekoa, with a time of 56:29 and Camilo and Nico Puertas, Joan Reixach, Ander Ganzábal, Ander García and Joanes Goitisolo in the race. Imps from Rivas and Saltoki Trikideak completed the first five places.

In the Open category, the men's podium was for Tripuçol B, Diablillos de Rivas and Montilla Córdoba Triathlon.

Queen's Iberdrola Triathlon Cup

Cidade de Lugo Fluvial He achieved victory in the Queen Iberdrola Triathlon Cup with an exceptional time of 1:02:25 and training with Sara Pérez Sala, Maria Casals, Elsa Pena, Elena Moragas and Iría Rodríguez.

The second position, with a time of 1:04:54 was for the Imps of Rivas, with Raquel Aróstegui, Marta Borbón, Marta Cabello, Paula García, Lucía Acosta and Zuzana Mitchalikhova.

female queen cup podium
female queen cup podium

The bronze was scored by the Náutico de Narón, marking a record of 1:05:06, and with Natalia Castro, Ana María Santiso, Bera Vilaça, Pilar García and the sisters Raquel and María Alzaga. Saltoki Trikideak completed the top five positions together with the University of Alicante, after the Alicante team held the lead for much of the competition.

In the Open category, the podium was for CEA Bétera B, followed by Bahía de Málaga B, and CEA Bétera C.

Spanish Time Trial Triathlon Championship Talent Teams,

During the morning of Saturday, the Spanish Time Trial Triathlon Championship for Talent Teams was held, which resulted in victories in the elite female category of the Tritrain4You Malaga and masculine Saltoki Trikideak.

Diablillos de Rivas in second position, and Saltoki Trikideak completed the women's podium, and in the men's podium the Madrid team Diablillos de Rivas repeated silver, and the Montilla Córdoba Triathlon was uploaded to the third box.

In the Open category of the Spanish CRE Talent Triathlon Championship, the champion teams were Valle de Aranguren for women and Diablillos de Rivas for men.

Tritrain4You Málaga and CAPA CC Los Alcores also climbed to the Open women's podium, and the men's Open was completed by Triathlon Albacete and another team from Diablillos de Rivas.

Sunday's competitions

On Sunday, September 12, the Spanish Triathlon Championship by Lottery Relay, which will be the last day of the National Men's and Iberdrola Triathlon Leagues; and the Spanish Talent Relay Triathlon Championship, with which the National League of Triathlon Talent Clubs will conclude.

In the relay format, three athletes from each team will cover the planned routes before handing over the baton to the next teammate, until the third establishes the final position with their arrival at the goal and in reference to the challenge of the relay teams. participants.

Our UA Lotteries will include the teams participating in the First and Second Divisions of the Iberdrola League and the Men's Triathlon League, the last day being scoring.

The men's elite races will start at 10:15 a.m., and the women's at 12 noon. In both cases there will be an Open category, outside the Leagues, with a men's start at 8:30 am. and female at 12:04 h.

The starts of the Talent Relay races will be given at 13:15 pm. and 13:20 p.m. The awards ceremonies for the Spanish Triathlon Championship by Lottery Relay competitions will take place from 13:30 p.m., along with the awards from the Iberdrola League and the Men's Triathlon League.

From 15:XNUMX p.m. The prizes of the Spanish Triathlon Championship for Talent Relay, and the National League of Triathlon Talent Clubs will be awarded.

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