The Spanish Society of Sports Medicine indicates the need to wear masks for amateur and federated athletes

Using the mask in sports can prevent the spread of the infection SARS-CoV2 infection

La Spanish Society of Sports Medicine and the General Council of Official Medical Associations, through the Advisory Group on Covid-19 Infection, has issued a release about u needUse the mask in sports practice as an indispensable means for the control the spread of infection

In the WHO there is an extensive technical document dated June 5, 2020 "Recommendations on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19", in which no mention appears to the use of masks in the sport practice, in physical exercise and effort.

WHO use mask infographic
WHO use mask infographic

The reference that "Do you have to wear a mask to do physical exercise?" Indicates the non-convenience of using a mask may reduce the ability to breathe comfortably and because it could get wet more quickly with sweat, making it difficult to breathe and promoting the growth of microorganisms.

Few studies on the effect of masks

The infographic reason for this release highlights the paucity of studies that have been done on the effects of masks and refers jointly to the effect of medical masks, respirators and non-medical masks.

The text speaks of negligible results regarding the negative effects of the use of masks during exercise, but it does indicate that its use is of concern for people with severe cardiopulmonary disease.

There are few studies regarding the effect of masks on exercise.

The most important measure is to maintain physical distance

Finally indicates that the most important preventive measure is to maintain a physical distance of at least 1 meter and ensure good ventilation during exercise.

Recommendations to avoid the spread of the virus

Given the current state of knowledge of preventive measures in sports practice, it is indicated that these recommendations They are aimed exclusively at amateur and federated athletes, but not to professional sports or high competition.

In amateur or federated athletes

The use of the masks with the recommended wear times does not pose a health risk.  

Se recommended the use of the surgical mask in sports and physical activity, especially in places with surrounding population, because it constitutes an effective measure to prevent the transmission of the virus.

La separation distance of an athlete of one meter is insufficient and should be increased depending on the type and intensity of sport practiced. This recommendation is for amateur athletes.

In professionals

In federated professional or competitive athletes, mainly team sports, it should be assessed periodically in a pertinent way that they are not contagious by the established means, so the use of the mask during exercise It is not necessary.  

In people with disease

In people with significant disease The use of a mask is not recommended, but high intensity exercise.

Exercise must always be under the supervision of a specialist doctor who, based on the studies carried out, will indicate the recommendations for physical exercise.


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