Nicola Spirig will be at the Challenge Peguera Mallorca

First PROS confirmed for the Challenge Peguera Mallorca

The best test of the Challenge Family franchise in 2019, the Challenge Peguera Mallorca, It is already announcing the professionals who will be in the test this coming October 16.

At the moment, one of the best triathletes in the world has confirmed their attendance Nicola Spirig and the Swiss Ruedi Wild third in 2019.

This is the provisional list of professionals who could be in the test among which stand out Frederick Funk, Lucy Hall, Patrick Nilson, Imogen Simmonds or Jodie Stimpsom among others.

Male provisional list

Last Name First Name
Ditlev Magnus
Funk Frederik
Smith Kyle
Carnation Mauritius
Game Ruedi
Chartier Collin
Moreno Molins Albert
Petersen Mathias
Colucci Reinaldo
Deckard Robbie
Toldi Fernando
Goesch Henrik
Dutli Fabian
Draper Will
Wade Sat
Hinrichs Jesse
Thibault lopez Pacome
Kokar Lukas
Nilsson Patrik
Messiah Manoel
Hradil Paul
Hoffmann Jonas
wooldridge Joel
Sperl Maximilian
Leiss Arne
Lehmann In my opinion
Nadal clar Joan
artigues xesc
Pear Mauro
Huckenstein Simon
Nygaard Nicklas
Haeberle Scott
Dempsey Ian
Pauger Leon
Van hamme Tim
pizza Andrea
Henseleit Simon
Pertl Philip
Servais Noah
Fridelance Silvan
Deer Willy
Matthys Dries
Garcias font Biel
Krelle Timo
Emde Nick
Arundel "Joe"
Cologne Yuri
Soler Buades Guillem
Pevtsov Rostislav

Women's provisional list

Last Name First Name
Spirig Nicola
Simmonds Imogen
Stimpson Jodie
Genet Manon
Hall Lucy
bernardi marten
Fanoy Leanne
Cummings Chantal
Tondeur Alexandra
berlinger Lena
Baptist Luisa
Grosvenor Mileage
Schulz Jenny
Santimaria Margie
Schink Lina kristin
Hengartner Corina
Křivánková Simona
Batt Franziska
Monsted Dina
Arlom Hannah
Weller Clear
Van tassel Amy
Kolarova Hana
God Forrest Lena
Koivula Venla
Byram Lucy
Hauser Julia


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