Norseman, Triathlon in the Norwegian Fjords

Norseman is the toughest long distance triathlon in the world. It is also the northernmost, it is at the same latitude as Anchorage in Alaska.

The race takes a tour of some of the most beautiful areas in Norway. It is not a normal circuit, since it begins in a fjord and ends in the Gaustatoppen mountain at 1.850 meters above sea level. It has a total climb is of 5,000 meters.


The water temperature is normally around 15.5 degrees C and the air temperature normally fluctuates between 6 and 28 degrees on race day.

The race is limited to just 240 competitors. Competitors must bring their own support. Normally, around 45% of participants are not Norwegian and 15% are women.

The prize for the winner is the same as the last one after finishing on the top of the mountain, a fabulous black t-shirt.

Here you have the official video of the test:

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Official website:

There are no previous results.

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