News at the Bilbao Triathlon: new cycling circuit

The eighth edition of the event presents its latest novelty, a safer bike ride that will cause fewer problems to the city.

The organizers of Bilbao Triathlon, Innevento Sports and Trikirol, have made public the last change in travel for the test to be held next October 5.

It is a new cycling circuit even safer for all triathletes and that will cause less traffic problems in the city and surrounding municipalities.

Therefore, this eighth edition supported by the Bilbao City Council, Diputación de Bizkaia and the Basque Triathlon Federation, keep working to further improve the experience of all triathletes They continue to rely on a unique test for their travels.

On the one hand, this modification approved by the Ertzaintza and the Municipal Police, has been due to the fact that all those responsible for the test want to continue improving in safety issues related to the routes, avoiding the most complicated areas and roads.

And, on the other hand, cause fewer road conditions in nearby municipalities. There will still be conditions, but less so than in previous years.


In this way, the new cycling route will have a total cumulative slope of 782 meters per lap (Half mode will be double) along 72 km away.

Now the new climb from Enekuri to Artxanda and continuing to El Vivero, about 14km to 4% of unevenness in total and pending up to 10% en its first sections of Enekuri-Artxanda; start the descent to the Golf of the Ganguren Sports Club where you turn and start the climb again until you go down El Vivero to Galdakao.

News at the Bilbao Triathlon: new cycling circuit, new-cycling-circuit-triathlon-bilbao

From there, passing through Etxebarri, Begoña, Zumalakarregi, Campo Volantín until the esplanade of the Maritime Museum will return where the exit and the goal will be located.

Excellent water quality analysis of the Ria

As for the analysis of the water of the estuary that the organizers undertook to carry out to reassure the participants, the latest published by Bilbao Triathlon returns to throw some excellent values in relation to the count of Escherichia Coli and Enterococci.

These are the mandatory parameters and values ​​for the evaluation of inland waters according to a Royal Decree and federal regulations that oblige to comply with certain health standards.

The date of the microbiological test was carried out last September 10, the rest of the results of the previous months are published in a specific tab of your website

Gustavo Rodriguez and Helene Alberdi headliners

One more year, the winner of the last 4 editions of the Bilbao Triathlon can be seen in action. Gustavo Rodriguez, With a commendable international record, you will try to get the txapelas repóquer.

In the feminine category the gipuzkoana Helene Alberdi, toThe current long distance champion of Spain, aspires to win her first Bilbao Triathlon. Along with them, other important national triathletes will meet both in Olympic and Half distance, since the registrations are increasing in these weeks of September and still expect more people to sign up with these breaking news.

The commitment to continue having a triathlon in Bilbao is definitive, and with the intention that it will become a reference date in the international triathlon.

Artxanda pools open for training

The other good news for the participants of the Bilbao Triathlon is that they can train with neoprene in the outdoor Olympic swimming pool of the Artxanda municipal sports center thanks to the Bilbao Kirolak initiative.

The pools will remain open until the end of October from Monday to Friday from 13: 00 to 19: 00 and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9: 00 to 13: 00

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