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News and improvements for the Challenge Madrid 2019

Challenge Madrid will be held on September 22 with departure in San Martín de Valdeiglesias (Sierra Oeste de la Comunidad de Madrid), the town that for the second consecutive year will have the blue flag on the beach where the swimming sector will be held

The organization has sent a statement explaining some improvements to be implemented for the test, highlighting the change of the T1 and some variations in the cycling circuits.

Also note that on September 21 in the town of San Martín de Valdeiglesias, one day before the start of the IV Edition of Challenge Madrid, a Solidari Sports Festivalor that it will consist of a 4 km family race for those over 16 years old and a junior race with different distances for the categories between pre-baby and child.

Challenge Madrid 2019 news

T1 location change

As we already mentioned in previous communications, Challenge Madrid has planned a Plan B, anticipating the foreseeable drought that exists in the Community of Madrid.

The fires that occurred in the Sierra Oeste area of ​​Madrid have demanded large amounts of water from the San Juan reservoir, so the organization has decided to move T1 to the eastern area of ​​the reservoir, a place that ensures the volume of water needed to develop the swimming test.

Changes in the cycling circuit

The variation of the T1 has forced us to make a minimal variation in the cycling segment in its first few kilometers.

The new circuit will exit T1 through the municipality of Pelayos de la Presa to join the N-403 and continue as planned.

This change has been made with all the participants in mind and will reduce the positive drop by 200 meters, since from T1 to the N-403 it will be lowered and flat where all the participants will roll.

We also anticipated and as an important novelty that from Chapinería all participants will enter the M-501 motorway and will roll down the direct left lane to T2, which will be located in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Right at the entrance to Casa de Campo on Paseo de the cottage). We attach track:

Full Distance

Full Bike:

Run Full:

Half Distance

Bike Half:

Run Half:

Pozuelo de Alarcón will house T2

T2 will be located in the municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón in an exceptional place and right at the entrance to Casa de Campo.

The reason for the change was to be able to reduce the positive drop in the running race, since when leaving the bike all the participants will take a walking tour of the Casa de Campo which will be 50% downhill and the other 50% flat.

The foot race with goal at the Puerta del Sol

From T2, participants will start the race on foot downhill 4 Km and on a flat circuit that will run through Casa de Campo with a distance for Long Distance of 10 Km, 960 m and 6 Km, 280 m for Medium Distance

. From there they will go down the Paseo del Embarcadero to the Puente del Rey, to go up the Cuesta de la Vega to the center of Madrid. The tour in the center of Madrid will be between Calle Mayor, Almudena Cathedral, Palacio Real and Puerta de Toledo. In the last lap all the participants will go to the Goal that will be located in Puerta del Sol.

La Meta will be located at km0 of Puerta del Sol, but the entrance to Meta will be different from other editions. On the last lap, participants will make a 180º turn at Calle Mayor with Calle Esparteros, they will turn right on Travesía del Arenal and right on Calle Arenal to enter Puerta del Sol and arrive at the Goal at km0.

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