Noya, champion of the Premium European Cup of Triathlon

Javier Gómez Noya, current leader of the Triathlon World Ranking, has shown himself today as a “thoroughbred” triathlete, achieving first place on the podium in the Premium Triathlon European Cup, after an excellent race on foot.

The Frenchman Etienne Diemunsch tried to catch up with Gómez Noya during practically the entire last segment, but it was not possible since Noya was making the difference meter by meter and despite the fact that Diemunsch is an excellent runner, he could not reach him, thus settling with the second position. Aaron Harris entered the finish line in third place.

Jose Miguel Pérez, fought until the last stride, however he had to settle for fourth place by a few tenths of a second. In the Top 10 we were also able to count on the presence of Mario Mola, which entered 8 position.

The swimming segment was led entirely by the Slovakian Richard Varga and in second position Javier Gómez Noya, a second group a few meters behind them. They remained in the same positions during the cycling segment, but finally the second group led by the Spanish Mario Mola caught up with them. Once the race had begun on foot, already in the first lap the Spaniard and current leader of the world ranking, Gómez Noya, as if the kilometers were not taking their toll on him, made the difference and won the first position on the podium “both laps that we have given alone in the cycling segment and the heat, they have slowed me down a bit, in any case, I felt good in the foot race. I am happy to compete here and achieve this position, however my goal is in London, where I will find the toughest rivals”. In addition, the Galician triathlete had words of thanks to the city and the organizers of this test.

The Mayor of the town, in the course of the test, also had a few words of thanks for all the national and international triathletes who have come to Banyoles to participate in this Premium European Cup “It is a spectacle to be able to see a competition of this caliber, we are proud to host it. Everything is going perfectly, we would like to host more international events in our town. It is also a source of pride to be able to count here with the presence of the President of the Spanish Federation and the President of the European Triathlon Federation "

Abuin Ares, Uxio, 13, Antón Ruanova, 15, Fernando Alarza, 18, Jariel Naranjo, 21, Vicente Hernández, 23, Francisco Fernández-Cortés, 26, Ricardo Hernández Marrero, 29, Pedro Miguel Reig, 35, Albert Parreno, 37, Albert Moreno, 39, Daniel Rodríguez, 47. Miguel Ángel Fidalgo and the local triathlete Pau Castellvell withdrew from the race.



1 Gomez, Javier ESP 1:45:50

2 Diemunsch, Etienne FRA 1:46:29

3 Harris, Aaron GBR 1:47:07

4 Perez, Jose Miguel ESP 1:47:08

5 Bishop, Thomas GBR 1:47:11

6 Leckie, Todd GBR 1:47:38

7 Kerr, Peter 1:47:41

8 Croes, Peter 1:47:42

9 Cool, Mario ESP 1:47:50

10 Naranjo Vichot, Jorge 1:47:56


13 Abuin Ares, Uxio) 1:48:00

15 Ruanova, Anton ESP 1:48:02

18 Alarza, Fernando ESP 1:48:11

21 Naranjo, Jariel ESP 1:48:55

23 Hernandez, Vicente ESP 1:49:31

26 Fernandez, Francisco ESP 1:49:43

29 Hernandez, Ricardo ESP 1:50:17

35 Reig, Pedro Miguel ESP 1:50:53

37 Parreno, Albert ESP 1:51:06

39 Moreno Molins, Albert ESP 1:51:30

47 Rodriguez, Daniel ESP 1:55:50

DNF 10 Fidalgo, Miguel Angel ESP

DNS 62 CAstellvell, Pau ESP


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