Gómez Noya wins the Chicago Triathlon World Series.

Mario Mola third and Fernando Alarza fifth



Javier Gómez Noya has achieved a new victory in this edition of the ITU Triathlon World Series after staging another exhibition in Chicago. Together with him, Mario Mola He has resurfaced again, staying in the first places throughout the contest to finally win the bronze medal.


All this in a stage in which three of the four Spaniards have been classified among the first five, excelling all of them throughout the entire competition.


In its premiere on the World Series circuit, Chicago It provided athletes and spectators with a luxurious setting, beginning with the initial two tours of one of the symbols of the city on the American southwest coast, Lake Michigan. Once the 1,5 km of the sector was completed, the Gómez Noya came out of the water, a few seconds behind the leaders, who, guided by the American Ben Kanute, were heading towards the first transition. The rest of the Spaniards in the fray, Cesc Godoy, Fernando Alarza and Mario Mola finished the sector well positioned.


The local triathlete Kanute would be the first to abandon the transition to undertake the eight cycling rides around the city popularly known as "Windy city "('City of the wind').The crossing was arduous with a technical course that incorporated numerous turns that caused great wear to the triathletes. A group of some 11 triathletes with Gómez Noya among them, was placed in front of the competition in the first bars of the sector, with Mario Mola located in the pursuer group.


At the end of the first round, the head squad had risen to the 20 triathletes, with the Galician and Fernando Alarza among them. While Mola continued its struggle to reach them and remained in the chasing block a few 16 seconds of the leaders. For his part, Cesc Godoy, who until then was very well positioned, suffered a mishap that would leave him off the top spots.


At the third round, the leading group merged with the first pursuing platoon to form a large block of about 30 triathletes. The platoon would experience some variations, with some flight connate that were quickly neutralized. For its part, the Spanish trio would remain well positioned among the top positions of the large leading squad.


However, entering the fifth lap of the stage, New Zealander Tom Davison decided to take a risk, launching an attack to distance himself from the rest. The New Zealander would gradually consolidate his advantage, with the Spanish resisting in the top positions of the peloton. Soon after, Australian Cameron Good would join Davison to face the remaining laps of the sector in the lead and gradually increase his advantage until he acquired a 45-second income at the beginning of the second transition.



Both would be the first to access the T2, but from then on they began to pay the effort made during the 40 km cyclists; while the peloton led by the Spanish trio, began to cut distances. Good managed to keep the lead, but Davison left the scene after traveling the first bars of the 10 km stretch of running.


A group of six triathletes with the Spaniards Gómez Noya, Mola and Alarza, along with the Portuguese Joao Pereira, the British Adam Bowden and the Russian Alexander Bryukhankov, were hunting for the Australian Good. They would join a prominent Richard Murray, who managed to link with them in these early moments, after making the segment in the cyclist pursuer group.


At the end of the first round they managed to reach and overcome the Australian, and shortly after Mola, Gómez Noya and Luso Pereira got away from the rest to start the fight for the podium. The Spaniards would increase the pace to leave behind the Portuguese triathlete. While Fernando Alarza, occupied the sixth place, marching to a very high level.


When it seemed that Mola and Gómez Noya would dispute the victory in a tight final, the Ferrolan changed pace and managed to leave behind Mola. Noya would continue away from the Balearic and entered the last round, enlarging his advantage to more than 9 seconds. The Olympic runner-up would not cease his efforts and managed to secure his income as he moved alone towards the finish line.


Behind, the Portuguese Pereira recovered and returned to enter the scene, beating Mario Mola in the last moments of the stretch of the race on foot. While a splendid Gómez Noya lined the home straight to win the final triumph and win his fourth victory of the season in the ITU World Series.


For his part, Pereira got the silver medal after a great comeback and a sensational Mario Mola reached the third position in this fifth round of the World Series. While Fernando Alarza ascended to a formidable fifth place.


The fourth Spanish in the US appointment, Cesc Godoy, who had had a prominent role at the beginning of the test, had worse luck, and was classified in 48ª position; in an eventful competition for the Catalan triathlete.


After this fifth stage of the ITU World Series, Gómez Noya extends his advantage to the top of the ITU ranking with 3742 points. Mario Mola takes second place with a score of 3322 and Jonathan Brownlee is third, with 2652 points.


The next appointment will be held between the 12 and 13 in July in the German town of Hamburg.



Pos Name Last Name Country   Time Swimming T1 Cycling T2 Career
1 Javier Gomez Noya ESP 01:47:21 00:19:10 00:01:01 00:55:30 00:00:20 00:31:21
2 Joao Pereira POR 01:47:29 00:19:29 00:01:03 00:55:11 00:00:20 00:31:29
3 Mario Mola ESP 01:47:40 00:19:26 00:01:04 00:55:16 00:00:21 00:31:36
4 Dmitry Polyanskiy RUS 01:48:00 00:19:10 00:01:06 00:55:29 00:00:21 00:31:56
5 Fernando Alarza ESP 01:48:05 00:19:19 00:01:04 00:55:24 00:00:23 00:31:58
6 Alessandro Fabian ITA 01:48:11 00:19:07 00:01:06 00:55:26 00:00:21 00:32:12
7 Adam Bowden GBR 01:48:16 00:19:25 00:01:08 00:55:07 00:00:22 00:32:16
8 Brendan Sexton AUS 01:48:28 00:19:37 00:01:03 00:55:04 00:00:22 00:32:24
9 Alexander Bryukhankov RUS 01:48:45 00:19:12 00:01:03 00:55:29 00:00:23 00:32:41
10 Sven Riederer SUI 01:48:52 00:19:45 00:01:04 00:54:53 00:00:23 00:32:50



Position Name Last Name Country   Degree Courses World Cup Points
1. Javier Gomez Noya ESP
{country: alpha2}
5 0 3742
2. Mario Mola ESP
{country: alpha2}
5 0 3322
3. Jonathan Brownlee GBR
{country: alpha2}
4 0 2652
4. Richard Murray RSA
{country: alpha2}
4 0 2325
5. Joao Pereira POR
{country: alpha2}
4 0 2067


ITU World Series Ranking


Photo: Delly Carr / ITU Media

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