Noya "Participating in your home is an indescribable sensation"

An unavoidable appointment in the calendar, next June 24, 25 and 26, Pontevedra will host the European Triathlon.

Pontevedra is a city committed to Sport and this weekend, after celebrating the European Cup for three consecutive years, it makes the leap to host the first European Championship in its city.

In the test we can count on the presence of Javier Gómez Noya, current world champion of Triathlon, and a true prophet of this sport and his city. “Participating in an event as important as a European Championship and doing it at home is an indescribable feeling. And even more knowing the atmosphere that was lived here in the test of the European Cup that there was in the last three years and seeing how the atmosphere and expectation grows as the race approaches. The support of the public is going to be very important and really appreciated by all of us who participate. I want to be on the starting line and give my best in the race ”

"People in Pontevedra will take to the streets as they have done on other occasions and it is also certain that many people from other places will come to witness a first class triathlon. Precisely, those who make this race special are they, the public that crowds the streets and makes you feel not even a second of competition. In the previous years it has been the test in Spain that has gathered the most public, and this time, being a higher level race we hope it will be a great triathlon party and everyone will sign up and enjoy it. Suffering is up to us ”

For José Hidalgo, President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, “This city's commitment to triathlon has been clearly demonstrated in the work and effort made by the Galician Federation to organize tests of this caliber, in addition to having the Support from the City Council to host this type of tests in your city. Pontevedra has a great social projection, fruit of the success of its athletes, which is also demonstrated in the success of its triathletes at a private level and its clubs at a global level. Having two Olympic triathletes has generated a great fondness for this sport in Galicia ”. "Pontevedra is a special place, a city that lives the sport day by day and that has a great fans, as well as excellent conditions for training and practicing this sport thanks to its commitment to creating a high performance center"

Source: FETRI

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