Our 10 triathlon moments of this 2018

We have compiled what for us are the 10 best triathlon moments that this 2018 has occurred. It has been difficult, since the Spanish triathlon is at the top in this sport and we have not been able to put everything that happened this year.

We hope thatl 2019 is another great year for the Spanish triathlon in view of the Olympics of Tokyo 2020.

  1. The 3º world of Mario mola

This 2018 has been a great year for the Mallorcan triathlete where he has achieved his third world title equaling Peter Roberson and having very close Simon Lessing with 4 world championships and Javier Gómez Noya with 5. This season he has achieved victory in fourth rounds (Montreal, Edmonton, Hamburg, Yokohama equaling those achieved in 2017

This 2018 Mario has become the first triathlete to overcome the barrier of the 6.000 points in the Ranking exceeding the second ranked in more than 1.000 points

  1. The debut of Javier Gómez Noya in Ironman

The 2018 has been the year expected by the entire triathlon world to see the Ironman debut of the five-time World Champion Javier Gómez Noya.

He did it at the Ironman Cairns where he got second place going down from the 8 hours in his first participation.

Later in the Hawaii Ironman, got the 11th place in his first participation. The Galician has a great future at this distance and with experience we will surely see him fight for the world title in the near future.

  1. The Ironman Kona records (swimming, cycling and Test)

This year the Ironman of Hawaii has brought many records, where he beat the swimming with Lucy Charles (48: 14), those of bike with Cameron Wurf (4: 09: 06) and  Daniela Ryf (4: 26: 07) and those of the test where the 8 hours were first lowered with the victory of Patrick Lange (7: 52: 39) and of Daniela Ryf (8: 26: 16) who got his fourth consecutive victory

  1. The victory of Eneko Llanos in the Ironman Arizona and his pass to Kona 2019

eneko-llanos-gana-ironman-arizona-2 Eneko Llanos wins Ironman Arizona and qualifies for Kona 2019 Ironman News

2018 will remain for the memory of Eneko and all the triathlon fans, who after not having obtained his pass to Kona (which would have meant his 13th participation), did not want to throw in the towel and looked for the pass for 2019 in the Arizona Ironman the past month of November where cHe followed the victory and the direct pass for the Ironman World Championship.

In this test Clemente Alonso he got the second place and also the pass for Kona.

Eneko is the triathlete with more Spanish victories in Ironman of the story with 7.

  1. The comeback of Fernando Alarza in the European Championship

Last August the triathlon fans, we could see the exciting comeback that made Fernando Alarza at the European Triathlon Championships in the Scottish city of Glasgow.

Fernando, who got off the bike with a 1-minute disadvantage, with a spectacular foot race was climbing positions to get the runner-up, remaining just 9 seconds behind. Pierrre Le Corre Winner and European Champion.

Fernando invested 30: 44 in completing the 10 km run on foot.

  1. The LD World Championship by Pablo Dapena

The 2018 has been the year of Pablo Dapena, where he got the LD World Championship in FYn, in the Multisport Festival held in Denmark last July.

Pablo with a large segment of the race on foot left his pursuers to get his first world title in this category.

Also this year has been proclaimed  winner together with Sebastian Kienle of the Challenge Family Bonus Ranking where he has also managed to get the Subcampenato of Europe in Challenge Madrid.

Pablo has got 3 wins in Challenge tests plus 6 second positions in tests of this franchise, signing the better season of his sporting life

  1. The Ironman 70-3 world record of Kristian Blummenfelt

The Norwegian Kristian Blummenfelt, regular of the WTS and fourth in the WTS Ranking this 2018 where he has achieved two silver this year (Montreal and Edmonton); He surprised us all again by beating his own record in a medium distance test with the victory achieved in the Ironman 70.3 from Bahrain the last 8 of December.

The triathlete got the victory with a time of 3: 29: 04 beating his mark achieved in 2017 3: 40: 24

  1. Judith Corachán's 4 triumphs in 6 weeks

The triathlete this season has achieved something that is not up to many athletes, get 4 consecutive victories in just 6 weeks in medium distance tests.

This year they have climbed to the top of the Challenge Salouplatforms, Triathlon of Zarautz, the TRioja riathlon and the Triathlon of Vitoria in the distance Half.

He also debuted in the long distance in one of the toughest events in the world Embruman, where he got the third final place. Then in the month of October he participated in the Ironman Taiwan where he got a great fourth place getting one of his best sports seasons.

  1. The fourth Cross Triathlon World Championship by Rubén Ruzafa

The Malaga triathlete is one of the best athletes in the modality of Cross Triathlon, and this year 2018 has shown it again by winning his fourth world title in the specialty at the Multideporte Festival held in Den Fyn (Denmark).

He was also fourth in the Xterra World Championship held in Maui, where he has already achieved 3 world titles (2008,2013, 2014 and XNUMX)

  1. The triumphant return of Terenzo Bozzone with two consecutive victories

The New Zealand triathlete is one of the most beloved of the international circuit, where this year he had a run over in New Zealand while training suffering from various fractures due to the accident.

Terenzo only It took 5 months to return to competitionry did it for the Big door with a victory at the Ironman 70.3 in Sydney. But not happy with this, a week later he participated in the Ironman Australia where he also got the victory, the pass for Kona 2019 and all this coming down from the 8 hours in the race.

Terenzo, is a racing addict and has us used to participate in several races in a row, last year he was the first triathlete to get 3 wins in 3 weeks  in Ironman tests with the first place in Ironman New Zealand, the Iroman 70.3 Bariloche and the Ironman 70.3 Campeche

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