The new measures of Phase 0 and sport

The new measures reflect the reopening of high-performance sports centers with some hygiene measures

The new measures reflect the reopening of high-performance sports centers with some hygiene measures

Today the minister Salvador Illa has communicated the provinces that will pass to Phase 1 of the de-escalation, while the Community of Madrid and the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona will remain in Phase 0.

The minister has also commented on some new measures that are implemented in phase 0 in these areas.

It should be noted that these areas are still in Phase 0 so that lThe measures imposed so far remain except for those listed below

New measures Phase 0

  • Retail opening without appointment, always preserving schedules for those over 65,
  • Progressive reactivation of social services, disinfection and administrative work of educational centers and universities.
  • Reopening of those scientific-technical facilitiesI know they're closed
  • Some cultural activities such as book loans in libraries or the museum opening with limitations with a third capacity.
  • Reopening of high-performance sports centers with some hygiene measures
  • Wakes with 10 people (3 so far) with measures that guarantee separation; also places of worship can be reopened with a third of its capacity.
  • Sepwill allow sports to be federated by the province in which they reside

In Phase 1, new measures have also been added.

  • Hunting and fishing allowed
  • The limitation of 400 meters for commercial premises is still in force, but those older than that will be able to delimit 400 meters and thus open;
  • Reopening of day centers, although it remains at the expense of the decisions of each autonomous community

What is allowed in Phases 0 and 1 for athletes?

On May 16, a modification of the order has been published SND / 388/202 published on May 3, which regulates the activity of professional and federated athletes

Federated athletes will be able to train twice a day between  between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. and between 20:00 p.m. and 23:00 p.m., and within the limits of the province in which they have their residence.

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