The new king of Denmark competed in IRONMAN, going under 4 hours in a marathon

El Prince Frederick of Denmark, recently proclaimed King of that country, has a long history of practicing sports and outdoor adventures, including triathlon. 

In fact, he participated in the HOMBRE DE HIERRO Copenhagen. 

Prince Frederick's accession to the throne came after the surprise abdication of his mother, Queen Margaret II, announced on New Year's Eve.  

Queen Margaret, Europe's longest-serving monarch, decided to hand over the crown to her son after 52 years of reign, a period marked by her popularity and stability in the country.  

The abdication and the beginning of Prince Frederick's reign represent not only a generational change in the Danish monarchy, but also a new era in which royalty becomes closer to the people through activities such as sport. 

Your relationship with sport 

Prince Frederick, known for his adventurous spirit and love of outdoor challenges, including a notable four-month ski expedition through Greenland, surprised the world by completing the 2013 IRONMAN Copenhagen in a 10:45:32 time.  

Also in that race he did the marathon in less than 4 hours. These are his race times

Segment Time
Swimming (SWIM) 1:10:16
Cycling (BIKE) 5:25:19
Race (RUN) 3:58:47

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The impact of your participation goes beyond the personal. Being a public figure of such magnitude, Prince Frederick is an example for many and can take triathlon to a new level of recognition in that country. 

There are precedents 

At the international level, Prince Frederick's participation in the IRONMAN is not an isolated case among royalty or public figures.  

Characters like him Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, member of the royal family of Bahrain, have also participated in triathlon competitions, demonstrating that the endurance sport attracts a diverse spectrum of participants, regardless of their social or political status. 


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