Objectives of Gómez Noya for this season

Javier Gómez Noya, double world triathlon champion, told Efe that the European Championship in Pontevedra and the World Cup Final, in Beijing, will be the tests in which he hopes to reach "two peaks of form" this season, as a test of preparation he will do with a view to the 2012 London Olympics.

Gómez Noya, double champion of Europe and triple winner of the World Cup, will focus the entire season, "without giving up anything", on shaping the best way to prepare for next year's Games, in which he will look for the only trophy that He lacks the Olympic medal, after in Beijing 2008, where he started as a favorite, he had to settle for fourth position.

The Galician champion was today, Saturday, the great attraction of the Annual Gala of the Spanish Federation of Olympic sport that unites swimming with cycling and running (FETri), in which the Secretary of State for the Sports, Jaime Lissavetzky, and attended by Marisol Casado, president of the International Triathlon Federation (ITU) and member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

«The preseason is going well. I did a three-week concentration in Fuerteventura and now we are between Seville and Huelva«, Commented Javi, who will train for the next three weeks in Punta Umbría, which will host the World Cross World Cup on March 20.

«I have not had injuries, or problems of any kind, so everything is in order. After the basic work, we will now focus on a more specific, quality work«, Explained Gómez Noya, who is training under the orders of the Asturian Omar González and who will begin to compete in Mooloolaba (Australia), on March 27, in preparation for the Sydney test, where the World Championship begins.

Two weeks after Sydney (April 10), Javi will compete in Yokohama (Japan). «Then we will see«, Explained to Efe Gómez Noya, who initially set the European championship as his main objective, which will be held in Pontevedra at the end of June.

«If the World Cup goes well, it could also be a goal to revalidate the title achieved last year. But, initially, the objective will be the European, which makes me excited, because it is at home«Commented.

«And also the World Cup final, in Beijing (September 11), as the second peak of the year. So I can start to rest soon and start preparing sooner for the next season«Added the Ferrol triathlete, born in Basel (Switzerland) 27 years ago.

«It is not easy to adjust a set-up, that is why the preparations for both the Pontevedra European Championship and the Beijing final can provide us with numerous data with a view to the work that will have to be done with a view to the Games«, Explained to Efe Gómez Noya, who today attended the gala of the Spanish federation after having received yesterday, Friday, at the Sports Gala in Ferrol (Coruña), the Silver Caravel -something already common in recent years-.

«Elite athletes always think about our training, but it is also good to receive an award or accolade from time to time. It is to be appreciated, because they are a recognition of all the work done«The best triathlete in the world told Efe.


Source: EFE arh

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