The use of masks is already compulsory. What affects us in sports?

From May 21, it will be mandatory in the use of masks in our country

The BOE has published the Order SND / 422/2020, where the use of the masks is regulated within the alarm state.

The measure will be effective from tomorrow May 21

The document explains that the widespread use of masks by the general population to reduce community transmission of SARS-CoV2 It is justified not only by its high transmissibility, but also by the ability of the masks to demonstrate block the emission of infected dropsvery important chen it is not possible to keep the safety distance

Who is affected?

The use of the mask will be compulsory for people six years and older en outdoor spaces and in any closed space for public use or that is open to the public, whenever it is not possible to maintain a interpersonal safety distance of at least two meters, its use is recommended for children between three and five years old.

1. People aged six and over are required to use masks.

The exeption

Excepted from this obligation are those persons who present some form of respiratory distress that may be aggravated by the use of the mask and those whose use is contraindicated for health or disability reasons.

Likewise, its use will not be required in the development of activities that are incompatible, such as food and drink intake, as well as in circumstances in which there is a cause of force majeure or a situation of need.

  • a) People who have some form of respiratory distress that may be aggravated by the use of a mask.
  • b) People in whom the use of a mask results contraindicated for duly justified health reasons, or that due to their disability or dependency situation they present behavioral alterations that make their use unfeasible.
  • c) Development of activities in which, by the pproper nature of these, the use of the mask is incompatible.
  • d) Cause of force majeure or situation of need.

Where should they be used?

The use of a mask will be mandatory:

  • Here at the public road,
  • In outdoor spaces
  • In any closed space for public use or that is open to the public,
  • SWhenever it is not possible to maintain a safe distance interpersonal of at least two meters

And in sports? You can go out without it, but it is left to personal use to use it

Although the order does not offer a list of all incompatible activities, as indicated by the confidential, there is already CSD confirmation and they point out that its use will not be necessary. They even advise against its application as it can negatively influence health.

In this way, anyone who wants to go running, cycling or skating on public roads will be able to continue doing it as before, with a mask or not, but will not risk a fine for breach of the law.

Remember that you must maintain a safety distance of 2 meters at all times.

"Use common sense and carry it in your pocket"

Fernando Simón, in the daily appearance, has specified about the use of the mask and sport, which it is not necessary to wear it, but it is in your pocket.

And when they stop by areas where the 2 meters of security cannot be guaranteedPut it on for the safety of others.

We leave you the appearance of Fernando Simon, where it explains in which cases you have to use the masks

Effects and validity.

This order will take full effect from the day following its publication in the "Official State Gazette" and will remain effective throughout the entire period of the alarm and its possible extensions.


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