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By works in the Lake of the Country House, Madrid is without triathlon until September

Yesterday began the emptying of the lake of the Casa de Campo in Madrid, where the swimming of several triathlons in the capital is celebrated

The City Council of Madrid starts yesterday on Tuesday Emptying the Lake of the Country House to undertake the construction of a new retaining wall and the cleaning of the pondand. It is expected that the water will completely run out in about six days and the duration of the works can be praised until August or September According to the newspaper the world.

The 6,5 tons of fish that are estimated to inhabit the lake will be fished in order to separate the native species from the exotic or invasive ones (common and royal carp, carp, percasol and gambusia). Species classified as "exotic or invasive" will have to be slaughtered and treated as other animals by an authorized manager in accordance with current legislation, Law 42/2007 on Natural Heritage and Biodiversity and Royal Decree 630/2013.

On the other hand, the autochthonous species that could be found will be moved and released in the Manzanares river. Once the vessel has been rehabilitated, it will be gradually repopulated with autochthonous species such as tench.

The works will cost 2,6 millions of euros, taxes included and will last about eight months.

The lake occupies an area of ​​80.150 square meters (82.000 if the environment and the roads affected by the works are included) with a volume of 158.637,41 cubic meters of water and a depth that varies from 4,50 maximum meters to 1,20 minimum meters. Its perimeter has a length of 1.370 meters.

The restoration project has taken into account the historical and patrimonial importance of the surroundings of the Lago de la Casa de Campo, cataloged as an Asset of Cultural Interest in the Historic Site category. In such a way that it can be assured that the planned actions will not imply any alteration of the patrimonial elements, respecting their integrity at all times.

The Triathlon World Cup at Mira point

The city of Madrid is already a classic in hosting international triathlon events, and at 2018 it hosts an ITU World Cup on 29 and 30 days in September

These works, rushes in the lake can affect the celebration of the test, although we trust that everything is ready for this date.

Photo: Fetri / @salvavictoria

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