Triarmada options to achieve the ITU world title

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Mario Mola is the current leader of the WTS and top favorite to revalidate the title but several triathletes have chances to be world champions depending on the results that are given in the Rotterdam Grand Final

In the following article we want to analyze the options of Mario Mola, Javier Gomez Noya, Richard Murray, Fernando Alarza y Kristian Blummenfelt to take the world title and the rest of medals.


Mario Mola

Is main favorite and the only one it depends on itself, a top5 guarantees you to repeat the world title. Javier Gómez Noya is the Balearic's main rival.


  • With a top 5 Mario Mora would be World Champion.
  • If Mario is 6º he needs Javi not to win to be a champion.
  • If it is 7º or 8º it needs that Javi is neither 1º nor 2º.
  • From the position 9º already would have to see options with several more triathletes.


Javier Gómez Noya


Javi depends on the result of Mario Mola to be world champion. The Galician has the "advantage" that the test is in Olympic distance, something that favors him.

This year has run 3 WTS this distance, taking the victory in 2 of them, in Yokohama I can not get on the podium to find an oral infection. In Abu Dhabi and Montreal, where Javi won Mario, he could not be top5 ... so if the result were repeated, Noya would be world champion.


  • If you win you need Mario not to be top5
  • If Javi is 2º he needs Mario not to be top6
  • If Javi is 3º he needs Mario not to be top8 and that Murray does not win.


Fernando Alarza


The three arrive practically tied to the grand final, to take the title they would need to win and wait until Mario is not top7 and that Noya is not top2 to take the world cup.

The struggle of the three centers mainly on the bronze medal, where if they depend on themselves, the one who arrives first at the goal of the 3 in top8 position will be bronze medal almost certainly (dependent on Noya and Mola)

Photos: ITU

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