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Orihuela hosts the Spanish Long Distance Triathlon Championship on Sunday

Orihuela is already preparing thoroughly to receive next weekend the more than 150 participants who will take the start in the “Viento del Pueblo” National Triathlon Championship, which will make the capital of Vega Baja the focus of attention at the national level of this sport.

The participants, of whom a third are triathlon professionals and the rest amateurs, will arrive in the municipality next Saturday on what will be the day before the competition.

The established calendar reflects a cultural visit to the city during that day in which training sessions, the delivery of numbers and a technical talk by experts to the athletes will also take place.

All this will be completed with an exhibition of sports equipment that can be visited in the Palacio del Agua.

On Sunday the 6th, at six in the morning, buses will transport the participants from their lodging places to the La Pedrera reservoir, where starting at eight in the morning the swimming sector will be held with a distance of four kilometers. . The subsequent bicycle route will have a 120 kilometer itinerary that will pass through different municipalities in the region such as Hurchillo, Bigastro, San Miguel de Salinas, Torremendo and Rebate. This sector will end at the Palacio del Agua, where the running segment will begin. A total of 30 kilometers divided into two circuits, one along the river bank and the other through the historic center of Orihuela, the participants must complete to finish the test.

It is expected that professional athletes will take approximately six hours to complete the entire route of the three sectors, while popular participants could take up to ten hours.

The trophy presentation will take place around three in the afternoon at the Palacio del Agua and the rest of the prizes will be awarded at six in the afternoon.

Source: diarioinformacion.com

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