Orihuela will host the November 6 National Long Distance Championship

Orihuela will host on November 6 the National Long Distance Triathlon Championship «I Wind of the People Triathlon». The test will consist of 4.000 meters of swimming, 120 of cycling and 30 kilometers of running on foot.

The swimming test will take place in the La Pedrera reservoir, while the cycling circuit will pass through Hurchillo, Bigastro, San Miguel de Salinas, Rebate and Torremendo, which will be run twice. The end of the bicycle segment will end at the Palacio del Agua, where the race will begin on foot, which will pass through the town center. In this case, two 15-kilometer circuits will be developed: the first will follow the course of the Segura river and the second will cross the urban area, towards the Santo Domingo school and the Palm grove.

The presentation of the test took place yesterday and the councilor for Sports, Luis Galiano, assured that the organizers offered the possibility of holding this championship in Orihuela and the Department of Sports "could not reject the offer."

The organizer of the triathlon, Ximo Rubert, explained that the participation of some 200 athletes, both professional and popular, is expected, although the device to be mounted will cover a maximum of 300 athletes.

Rubert commented that athletes who first cross the finish line will take about six hours to complete the entire route, although it may take others about ten hours. In addition to the Sports Department, other areas, such as Commerce, Tourism and Citizen Security, are also involved in the organization of this "First People's Wind Triathlon".

Source: diarioinformacion.com

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