Óscar Vicente wins the Duathlon of Avignon, Emilio Martín second

Óscar Vicente has been imposed on the in the Duathlon Avignon, first test of Grand Prix of France, the most prestigious national circuit in the world., followed by Emilio Martín, current world champion, who has finished in second position and the world runner-up third Antoine Duvivier



By teams the Tri Marville was second behind Metz. "I'm left with the bittersweet taste of not knowing if I could have competed for the triumph when appearing flat," said the Huelva.


El Duathlon World Champion, Emilio Martín, has been close to rise with the triumph of the Duathlon of Avignon, in whose city was founded in 1989 the International Triathlon Association. This competition is also the first test of the Grand Prix of France, in which Huelva has debuted offering a great level despite the high demand. In the last kilometer of the test flatuus has appeared and it has not been able to compete the victory, reason why it has had to fight to conserve the second place. 
After five kilometers of cross-country race, 30 of bicycle and other five of final race, the winner has been the Galician Óscar Vicente (Metz) with one hour 20 minutes and 11 seconds. Second term Emilio Martín (Marville) with the 1: 20: 16 and 1: 20: 20 has marked the world runner-up, the Belgian Antoine Duvivier (Marville). 
By teams the victory has been for the Metz and second place for the Marville. Fourth ended Benjamin Choquert (Metz) with 1: 20: 27 and fifth Yohan Le Berre (Metz) with 1: 20: 27. From the sixth to the tenth place ended Etienne Diemunsch (Vitrolles, 1: 20.36), Stéphane Valenti (Vitrolles, 1: 20: 41), Jérémy Pierrat (Marvilles, 1: 20: 44), Julien Brazy (Tritons Meldois, 1: 20: 49) and Robin Moussel (Rouen, 1: 20: 54).
Martín told huelva24.com "I'll take the bittersweet to know if I could have competed for the triumph until the end and it makes me angry not to have been able to do it for flato, although to beat Óscar today was very difficult. He was very strong and he is the just winnerHe also commented that, nevertheless, "I am happy because I have gained a lot of experience, especially on a bike. Here there is a lot of level and they have given one stick after another, attacking a lot. They left the turns flying, with an average higher than 40 kilometers per hour insurance ".
The test has passed first during 5.000 meters by cross-country at a rate of between 3: 03 and 3: 04 the kilometer, and at the end of the first transition a group of about seven athletes arrived, where Emilio Martín, Óscar Vicente and Sergio Lorenzo. "Here there is a lot of level, the leading group has run with sections in which more than running we were looking for not falling because the terrain was slippery and behind us the second group has not gone much slower."
"At the T1 we got some 6-7 escaped with Óscar Vicente and Sergio Lorenzo in the group, we started hard but soon they caught us from behind and formed a group of about 15 units, the water and the cold have played tricks on us and on the third lap he was increasingly stiff with the cold", said Martin, who made" some attack and I jumped more than one to warm up rather than seeking to escape. "On the bicycle section (of 30 kilometers), where more than 40 kilometers per hour of average, the escapes have been reached in the third round by another group to form a greater one of some 15 units, which in the next turn increased in 15 more. 
In the second transition Martin entered third after the French Yohan Le Berre (Metz), and Etienne Diemunsch (Vietrolles), to whom then advanced to be placed first. However, he was hit by Óscar Vicente, who attacked in the absence of a kilometer to go for the victory.
In this final part of the competition the Huelva reported that "when I got in the lead I thought it could be final, but Oscar came behind like a shot and caught me before kilometer two. Behind Duvivier is placed third but does not cut us meters thanks to the pace imposed by Oscar ". 
In the absence of a kilometer "the flat begins to look strong and Oscar seems to smell it. I decide to be smart and keep the second place, since behind Antonie came a few with the knife between his teeth. In the absence of 400 meters I try to give a final attack but the flat does not allow it. "He reached Martin, and they ran together until with one kilometer left the Galician changed his pace to go for the victory. he focused on keeping the second place and defending it from Duvivier, third.
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