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Pello Osoro and Marta Sánchez win in the VI Half Gasteiz

Triumphal farewell to Eneko Llanos

the eibarrés Pello Osoro and Catalan Marta Sánchez sand have imposed on a OTSO VI Half Gasteiz that has provided the best possible scenario for the the farewell of Eneko Llanos from his hometown as a professional triathlete.

The second edition of the OTSO VI Half Gasteiz began punctually at 12:30 in the morning in a spectacular atmosphere.

The men were the first to jump into the waters of Ullibarri-Gamboa from Parque de Garaio, followed 10 minutes later by the women, all with the goal of completing the 1900 meter swim.

Domain of Marta Sánchez

In the female category, Marta Sanchez dominated the event from the start, leaving with a wide advantage over Ruth Brito and Gemma Hernández.

This dominance was maintained until the end, leading the race and extending his lead until he crossed the finish line.

Finally Marta won the test with 4 hours, 14 minutes and 15 seconds followed by Ruth Brito and by  Cristina torres third.

Top 10 female

Job title Athlete Final time
1 Marta Sanchez Hernandez 04:14:15
2 Ruth Brito Curbelo 04:24:47
3 Cristina Torre Paredes 04:25:53
4 Maria Florencia Diaz Philippi 04:43:22
5 Gemma Hernandez Andoain 04:45:41
6 sandra martinez sierra 04:46:25
7 Carolina Laurentiu Farm 04:48:16
8 Diana Vecillas Sampedro 04:48:39
9 Ainhoa ​​Alvarez Ajuria 04:50:16
10 Maialen Zamakola Zamakola 05:03:27
11 Naiade Velasco Rodriguez 05:06:53

The men's event: victory for Pello Osoro

The men's competition was tighter.

Although Guillem Montiel marked the best partial in swimming, he was ousted towards the end of the cycling circuit.

Pello Osoro took the initiative and extended his lead before starting the foot race. Behind him, Eneko Llanos, Guillem Montiel and Mikel Múgica were fighting for the two remaining places on the podium.

Finally Pello Osoro he won the test in 3 hours 46 minutes and 46 seconds to win the second edition of the OTSO vi half gasteiz.

Eneko Llanos got the second place pushed by the encouragement of the fans, and Mikel Mugica managed to get on the podium in third place.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Athlete Final time
1 Osoro Gutierrez 03:46:46
2 Eneko Llanos Burgera 03:48:49
3 Mikel Mugica Bikuna 03:49:51
4 Guillem Montiel Moreno 03:50:57
5 Kristian Quintans Dominguez 03:54:29
6 Francisco De La Paz Fernandez 03:55:52
7 Julen Diez Rodriguez 04:00:14
8 David Mendes Market 04:01:33
9 Alexander Unzueta Ormaechea 04:03:29
10 Alex Alvarez Munoz 04:06:18

Emotional farewell to Eneko Llanos

Despite the rain, fans, family and fellow citizens said goodbye to Eneko Llanos with a tribute that filled the streets of the city.

“El Kaiser”, as he is known, got second place, entering just 2 minutes behind the winner, while an emotional Mikel Múgica managed to get on the podium in third place.

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