Another Lionel Sanders career training but this time with his mother

The funny thing about this training that he has done with his mother Becky

The Canadian triathlete media Lionel Sanders, continue with your goal of beat the hour record in velodrome and to get your best mark in the 5.000 meters.

This time he has left the bicycle and has gone to the track to do this new training

Lionel has uploaded to his social networks a video with his newor training of series of 2.000 and 400 meters on the track.

The curious thing about this traininghe has done it with his mother Becky, who also competes in IRONMAN. She has been an IRONMAN finisher multiple times and is a very experienced athlete, which benefits Sanders.

In the 400 series, Becky He was 20 seconds ahead of his son to reach the goal whenever possible together.

The training

The training consisted of:

  • 3X2.000, 3 Min Rec

And then he has done:

  • 2x (5 × 400, 80 »rec between each series) 3 ′ rec between each block)

These have been his times in the series of 2.000 meters

  • Rep 1: 6:02
  • Rep 2: 6:01
  • Rep 3: 5:55


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