• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Pablo Dapena and Iñaki Baldellou with victory options in the Challenge Roma

Reigning Spain LD champion Pablo Dapena and Challenge Salou 2016 winner Iñaki Baldellou begin their journey in the Challenge Family Circuit in Rome.

This Sunday 15 of April starts the European season of the Circuit Challenge Family with the dispute of Challenge Rome, one of the three competitions that Challenge organizes in the south of the old continent and that are held in major continental capitals, such as Challenge Lisboa and Challenge Madrid.

Challenge Roma has its epicenter in the town of Ostia, just over 20km from the center of Rome very close to the Fluimicino airport. The 1900 m of swimming takes place in the Tyrrhenian Sea, on a rectangular circuit with an exit and arrives at the Ostia port. Afterwards the 90km of cycling will be covered, consisting of 7,5 km of link and then 3 turns of 24,7 kilometers on a road completely parallel to the sea. Finally the 21 km of the half marathon are divided into 3 turns of 7 km each one through the interior of the port where the finish line and the seafront of Ostia are located.  

The main confirmed PROs are Will Clarke, Ruedi Wild, Andreas Dreitz, Anthony Costes, Jaroslav Kovacic, Andrej Vistica, Ivan Kalashnikov y Patrick Dirksmeier. The departure list has several important names, but Pablo Dapena e Iñaki Baldellou They aspire to everything in the Challenge Roma, both have international experience and know what it is to shine in Challenge tests.  

The competition will start the 13: 15 next Sunday, with the PRO outing and then the rest of the age groups.

Baldelloui Photo: Trimax Triathlon Magazine

Dapena Photo: Ona Onari

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