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Pablo Dapena, again without a bicycle on his return to Spain

He is already in Spain since Tuesday and has not yet delivered his bike

The Galician triathlete Pablo Dapena, recent winner of Cape Town Challenge, where he already suffered an odyssey to travel to South Africa and later obtain his bike It has happened again.

This time it was the return to Spain. Pablo has been in our country since Tuesday, but he is suffering once again the loss of his bicycle, and he still does not have it in his possession.

On social networks Pablo is taking it with humor and commented last Tuesday:

Once again the door does not open.
I'm getting used to the fact that it is normal that the bike does NOT arrive ... @British_Airways @Iberia »

And today he published:

"Today is Thursday, I arrived home on Tuesday and we still have no news of my bike, this does not look good once again @ Iberia"

From the company they answer

"Hi, Pablo. We are in contact with our colleagues and we hope to be able to tell you something soon. A greeting"


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