Pablo Dapena also had his bike broken when traveling to Canada

After accident what happened with Sara Perez where on an Air Canada company flight they broke the bicycle with which he was going to compete in the Canadian Open, Pablo Dapena something similar has been found when picking up his bicycle from the flight.

In his social networks Pablo has shared the images of how a lenticular wheel and the handlebar with which he was going to compete in the same test have turned out.

The company answered him in his own tweet, where he tells him that he has to go to the airport agents to make the claim.

"Hello Pablo, we are sorry to hear about your damaged items. If you're still at the airport and you notice that your baggage has been damaged, please advise an airport agent at the Air Canada Baggage Service Counter before leaving the airport. "

Both triathletes compete this weekend in the Canadian Open, a test that is attended by invitation and where the best triathletes of the moment will be.

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