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Pablo Dapena second in the Challenge Salou

The victory has been for Pieter Heemeryck

Today, the fifth edition of the Challenge Salou, where it has had a lineup of professionals of a very high level where with the changes of the route this year, making it even faster, an exciting race was expected from the beginning.

At the starting line were the Spanish, Judith Corachán last year's winner, Pablo Dapenasecond last year Saleta Castro, Alberto Moreno, Emilio Aguayo, Helene Alberdi, Iñaki Baldellou, Dolca Ollé, Nan Oliveras o Cesc Godoy. In addition to George Goodwing, Borin Stain, Antony Costes, Daniela Bleymehl, Margie Santamaria o Maja Stage among others

The test began at 8:00 in the morning with the 1,9 km swimming where Adrew Lewis and Richard Hendy started first, third was Francesc Godoy 20 seconds away. Pablo Dapena was sixth at 1:40 head. In the fast 4-lap cycling sector, which this year had eliminated 16 roundabouts, a stretched group of 8 units in 20 seconds was formed with Antony Costes, Pieter Heemeryck, Emilio Aguayo, Thomas Davis, Pablo Dapena, Thomas Stange, Christopher Declan and Mattia Ceccarelli.

In the passage through the second lap, a head trio was formed with Costes, Heemeryck and Aguayo that was distanced from the group of 5, leading at this point in 25 seconds.

Finally, after the four laps, Pieter Heemeryck was the first to get off the bike, followed 4 seconds by Antony Costes and 10 Emilio Aguayo. Pablo Dapena finished the sector in almost 1 minute with options to catch up with the lead.

In the first kilometers of the foot race Pieter Heemeryck with a strong pace was leaving alone, behind Pablo Dapena, it went like a bullet cutting differences to get second in the passage through the second round and with the aim of reaching Heemeryck.

In the other laps the Belgian Pieter Heemeryck He managed to maintain his advantage of 1 minute to finally get the victory in the test with a time of 3: 36: 40:

Pablo Dapena that has returned to get second place (3: 48: 02) has shown to be in great shape in this test that has taken as Test for the LD World Championship of Pontevedra. The third filed has been Thomas Davis with a time of 3: 49: 19.

As for the rest of the Spanish Albert Moreno it was 6th, Emilio Aguayo 8th and Francesc Godoy 17º, Julen Rodriguez 26º, Nan Oliveras 27 º

Pablo Dapena second in the Challenge Salou
Pieter Heemeryck winner CHallenge Salou 2019

Judith Corachán gets her second consecutive victory.

In females, the first to complete the 1,9 kilometer swim was Helle Frederiksen followed by Helene Alberdi at 40 seconds and Margie Santamaria at 50. Judith Corachán was fourth at 1:20 and Saleta Castro tenth at 3 minutes leading the race .

In the cycling sector, Frederiksen and Kimberley Morrison were leading the first lap, distancing themselves from their pursuers with 35 seconds over a group of 3 with Judith Corachán, Margie Santamaria and Maja Nielsen. Helene Alberdi passed eighth at 2:20 while Dolca Ollé and Saleta Castro passed 13th and 14th at almost 6 minutes.

In the second round, Daniela Bleymehl and Judith Corachán passed in the lead, leading Margie Santamaria at 2:30.

Finally, at the end of the cycling sector, the first to get off the bike was Bleymehl, taking Corachán 10 seconds ahead.

Judith with a great pace of pace was slowly distancing Bleymehl through the middle of the course with almost a minute 1 advantage.

Finally Judith Corachán has proven to be at a great level, winning the test with a very high level sign winning the test with a final time of 4: 16: 58. The second classified has been Daniela Bleymehl (4: 18: 38) and third Alexandra Tondeur (4: 21: 32).

As for the rest of Spanish Helene Alberdi it has been ninth, Saleta Castro 15ª and Dolca Ollé 18ª

Challenge Salou has dealt € 25.000 in prizes, in addition to being the last qualifying test for the for the World Championship to be held in Samorin, Slovakia, on June 2.

More information: challenge-salou.com

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