Pablo Dapena "I felt anxiety and my head disconnected from the body"

triathlete Pablo Dapena He has published on his social networks what happened to him in the past Challenge Salou, where he withdrew before the end of the test.

This is what Pablo was saying.

"They say that social networks only show the pretty side of our lives and hide the B side, it will not be my case.

I received many messages about what happened to me at @challengesalou last weekend, what if the injury, what if there was a, nothing like that, I felt anxiety and my head disconnected from the body and it was impossible to keep pushing. It was the first time I've had that feeling in my entire life.

The first thing is to recognize the problem.
It is often said that athletes can handle everything they throw at us and more. It may be, but when the balloon inflates too much it ends up exploding, and I am a perfect simile of that balloon.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am either black or white, that you either give 100% in everything you do or better step aside. For some time, I have the feeling that I am missing chapters in the life of Tomás (my son) for trying to surpass my best sports version and that is something that my head cannot allow, hence very possibly the disconnection on Sunday past in Salou.

The second thing is to put yourself in the hands of professionals.
It is in this situation that we find ourselves today. Fortunately, it is something that is seen more and more often and is becoming more normalized in society. Find solutions to problems with different tools from agents outside my personal situation.

The third will be to solve the problem."

From Triathlon News we wish you a speedy recovery and we send you strength from the entire team.

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