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Pablo Dapena still without a bike for the Cape Town Challenge

The Galician triathlete Pablo Dapena, is already in Cape Town to compete in the Cape Town Challenge this next Sunday, but he still doesn't have his bike

After your trip from Buenos Aires, where he had to find a way to get to South Africa, since the yellow fever vaccination certificate was requested and he missed the flight.

From there, 48 hours of flight to get to South Africa, with several transfers, which has caused luggage to be lost on the way

Pablo, published yesterday that his bicycle and his racing clothes had not yet reached his destination. He is currently in Johannesburg.

From the airline they regret what happened, but they do not give a solution. The last update is that they will pay you the cost of your clothes, but they don't say anything about your bike valued at more than € 1.000

Pablo, answered this tweet:

From Triathlon News we hope that this situation is solved as soon as possible


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