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Pablo Dapena, his odyssey at the Buenos Aires airport.

Dapena will end the season this Sunday, November 10 in the Cape Town Challenge.

The Galician triathlete Pablo Dapena , who last weekend, got second place and the Slot for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship at IM 70.3 Buenos Aires, will finish the season this Sunday, November 10 at Cape Town Challenge.

But he was almost unable to go, after an odyssey at the Buenos Aires airport

Pablo has been trapped in Buenos Aires since when taking the flight to Cape Town, where this weekend he will play the Challenge, they asked him for the certificate of the Yellow Fever vaccine.

On his social networks, Pablo has commented on everything that happened. He is currently in Cape Town after almost 48 hours of travel But he has gone through an odyssey to get it, although as indicated in the publication his bicycle has not yet arrived.

"Sorry everyone for not being very active these days on social networks but what does not happen to me at airports does not happen to anyone. After the happiness of having finished 2nd in Buenos Aires, I was looking forward to South Africa and very happy to be competitive again.

My flight to Cape Town would be Buenos Aires - Sao Paulo - Johannesburg - Cape Town, but there it was ... in it.

During check-in they tell me that I cannot fly if I do not present a card as I have been vaccinated with yellow fever… In other words, I had nothing.

Given this impossibility of flying, I began to look at the counter options to fly to Cape Town via Madrid, but my card was blocked (I still don't know why I only made a payment at one of the most famous pizzerias in Buenos Aires).

I do not wish anyone these moments of despair where you have nothing, no ticket or money. Fortunately I bought a @Iberia ticket to Madrid online and the card worked

By plane to Madrid the next step was to search to go Cape Town, and I found Madrid - Zurich - Cape Town

It was not easy, not easy at all because of that I did not know that the card was blocked.

Many calls to the bank, many failures to catch the bills, much despair and wanting to return home and send to take everything for ...

And in the end everything is arranged and here we are in Cape Town 4 years after debuting in my first World Series (not many more would come either) with more than 48 hours of travel being in South America, Europe and now Africa.
By the way the suitcases and the bike did not arrive to give a little more touch to the adventure.

Shower, recover the lost sleep and start to move a little are the priorities to be on the starting line on Sunday with a guarantee"


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